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Posted on 23-11-2020

Use code Brown2211849 to get £100 credit on your bill. This will be applied to your account upon sign up. It's worth checking on comparison sites to see how they fair in terms of overall price - in my area (West Yorkshire) they were cheapest by quite a bit ... Read more

Posted on 23-11-2020

Referral Code: Brown16202 £100 credit when you join Utility point with my link, I get £100 credit too, thank you! I've made such a saving on my energy bills by switching to Utility Point and I thought that my friends could too. Switching was easy and I was supported every ... Read more

Posted on 14-11-2020

  I've joined Utility Point and saved money on my energy.     They provide a dedicated and personalised service and work together with their customers to ensure our utilities work around our lifestyle.     If you join too we both get £25 credit towards our ene ... Read more

Posted on 13-11-2020

Hello. I wanted to let you know that I’ve made such a good saving on my energy bills by switching to Utility Point, and I thought that you could too. Switching to them was really easy and I was supported every step of the way, plus we'll receive £100.00 credit each! You’ll als ... Read more

Posted on 11-11-2020

Referral code: Orange2232240 you can get a massive £100 credit when you sign up YAY!!! This will be added to your account and taken off your bills. I just moved to them today (Nov 2020) because they are the cheapest and the £100 discount is a big bonus. ... Read more

Posted on 11-11-2020

Referral code: Silver56510 £100 referral code when you sign up. Utility point are pretty good at honouring these rewards and was how I signed up a few years ago. I'm will also get a £100 also so good news all round! Enjoy!  Referral code: Silver56510 ... Read more

Posted on 11-11-2020

Here's my utility point referral code if anyone would like to use it. At the moment we can both get £100 credit if someone signs up and uses it  Maroon2122568  Please get in touch if you need anymore info to get signed up, I managed to get £25 when I signed up so it d ... Read more

Posted on 01-10-2020

I have been with utility over a year and we have saved so much. For 4 bedroom house our direct debit for combined electricity and gas is only £80 and we always have some credit left over. I won't be switching anytime soon.  Help yourself with a code for £100 referral bonus!!! ... Read more

Posted on 30-09-2020

I been with this Energy Co 18 mths now, I have Duel fuel with them on DD - no issues at all, great service and is still best on price for me (3 bed Terrace House Northwest) at moment running a great discount deal heres my code CYAN 1002256 hope you can save some money, Regards ... Read more

Posted on 28-09-2020

Hello. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been with Utility Point for 10 months and I am really happy to be with them. If you join them  we both get a £100 credit and you’ll get access to a range of benefits.  Switching to them was really easy and I was supported ev ... Read more

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Find a different kind of energy company at Utility Point, an energy company with a new kind of spirit.

Utility Point is the UK energy company that has understood that providing a good and helpful service to costumers just doesn’t cut it anymore.

They’ve grown with their time and have developed a business model of helping their costumers care for the energy they use as well as control their usage effectively. Utility Point isn’t just here to provide you with energy but to help you make the best of yours too.

To help its’ costumers to the maximum of their abilities, Utility Point has chosen to be 100% transparent about it’s tariffs and charges, with no hidden cost anywhere. No more bad surprises at the end of the month!

You can check out their tariffs online where you’ll find their best long-term plan available with all of the details and advantages. You can also see their whole selection of tariffs based on your location. Enter your post code to see what’s available around you!

Each tariff will have the details for both the electrical and gas, with unit rate and standing charge both available for each.

To get a better idea of what they offer, get a quote online for free by filling out all of the required information about your usage and housing.

This way, Utility Point will have the possibility of providing you with the best offer for you and your situation and not just standard deals.

Utility Point also offers a energy efficient boiler which you get get a quote on and choose the way you’ll pay for it. Utility Point has seduced many people in the UK with their great offers, advice, model and service.

This has earnt them a 4.8/5 stars glowing reviews on Feefo, which you can read through if you still need some convincing! Utility Point makes the switch from your old provider the easiest possible for you too.

You won’t have to wait for a visit from anyone and your supply won’t be cut off either. No need to call anyone or fill out any form, everything’s taken care of the minute you sign up with them!

Give Utility Point a go and you’ll soon see why so many people are switching over to them. Get the spirit you need in your life from your energy company.

Get Utility Point!

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