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Posted on 15-09-2020

Get £100 credit when you sign up to ScottishPower using this link Once the energy switch is completed (it usually takes around 21 days) and if you remain on supply for at least 28 days you’ll get £100 energy credit ... Read more

Posted on 17-08-2020

Scottish Power Referral Code: Get up to £100 with my referral code Sign up and share up to £200! Scottish Power will give you £100.00 credit if you bring your electricity and gas over to ScottishPower, or £50.00 if you just switch electricity or gas. Simply sign up an a ... Read more

Posted on 16-07-2020

If you are thinking of joining scottishpower then sign up through my referral link, we will both receive £100 free energy credit each so this is a win win, it's really easy to do just copy the link into your browser and it will tell you on the first screen to sign up for £100 credit ... Read more

Posted on 03-07-2020

Referral link for scottish power if anyone interested gives you £100 credit when you sign up takes around 28 days to be credited.I also get £100 credit too. Scottish power have upped there referral bonus now to £100 for each person.I have just switched to a lower tariff which was a ... Read more

Posted on 05-06-2020

When you sign up as a new customer via my referral link we both will recieve £100.    Thank you   Nicole .......................................... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)  ... Read more

Posted on 05-06-2020

Scottish Power - £100 Credit 100% Wind Sourced Electricity Variable and Fixed tariffs Over 5 Million Customers IOS + Android App UK based call centres, with FREE callback services Exit fee £50 per fuel ... Read more

Posted on 16-05-2020

Hello!.Get £100 credit when switching to Scottish Power.  I have my gas supply with Scottish Power and the green rates are really quite good just now! (I'm with Bulb for the electric)     Use the link below if you want to switch and get a £100 credit; ... Read more

Posted on 10-05-2020

Earn up to £100 credit for everyone who switches! It's easy to sign up and Scottish Power are currently offering some good tariffs.. Please use my link below.   ... Read more

Posted on 24-04-2020

Get 100£ off your bill with this referral link! Join Scottish Power, they just turned 100% renewables for the future of the planet :) It is a very reliable company, they also installed a smart meter for free and are always available for help. ... Read more

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Scottish Power has been active as an electricity and gas supply and generation company since 1990. They offer various services to their customers in the United Kingdom and the energy which they produce is entirely green.

The main services provided by the company are contracts for gas and electricity. Various tariffs are offered to best suit your needs, including for short and longer-term time frames. Fixed rates and variable rates are also available, in addition to those which are only available online and those which are associated with charity schemes such as the ‘help beat cancer fixed saver rate’.

Indeed, the company has an ethical focus and supports charities like Cancer Research UK, for whom they have raised 15 million pounds to date.

It is possible to get a quote for your electricity and gas tariff very easily and quickly via the company website, or over the phone.

Quotes are also available in this way for business customers who are also supported by ScottishPower with a range of tariffs which also include fixed and variable options.

Other products and services are offered by ScottishPower. These include smart chargers for electric vehicles, providing maintenance and support for boilers and smart meters to help energy efficiency.

In fact, the company website is full of helpful advice on how to save energy alongside other useful information. In the company blog, for example, you can discover what an electrical vehicle is and check out what it is like to have a smart meter. If you need help you can look in the frequently asked questions section or pose your question to the multiple members of the ScottishPower community.

Further help can be gained from the customer service department who are contactable online, by live web chat and by telephone. If you decide to call the team, you can request that they phone you back, free of charge. To ensure efficiency, numbers for current and new customers are itemised.

Current customers can also keep up to date with their account and payments online and by the ScottishPower app. This is available for download from the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

You can keep track of the company on their social media channels which include Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

In 2018 Scottish Power won various accolades including awards for their value for money and their online services, both from uSwitch in 2018.

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Mark added on 03-07-2019 - Mark given for the referrer RWWorld : 10 / 10

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