Refyoo Refer a friend User guide
How does it work ?

You enjoy paying products or services with reduced prices via the internet ? Did you think about the Refer-a-friend programs available on hundreds of brands listed on Refyoo ?

Refyoo allows referrers and referees to meet together and benefit from great incentives (earnings, codes, coupons) proposed on hundreds of referral programs.

Refyoo - the most innovative referral platform meeting place

Refyoo is a new site with fast growth thanks to world of mouth and we would to thank you for that.
Please see below some useful information to help you understanding the basics of how the refyoo platform works.

Vocabulaire utilisé


A Referrer on Refyoo is a member who has posted several referral ads on brands for which he is already a customer and he or she would like to recommend to others.
For example, for the brand « Virgin Mobile », a referral called Bob could have posted an ad looking like :
"Dear friend,
In order for you to benefit from the incentive on the Virgin Mobile referral program, you can enter my mobile number XX XX XX .. XX in the subscription form.
You will than benefit automatically from a £20 reward.
As soon as his referee finishes the subscription process, the referrer Bob will than also benefit from a reward provided by Virgin Mobile.


A referee on Refyoo is a user, not necessarily a member on the site, looking after a referrer to get an advise on an offer or willing to validate a referral program.

For example, John wants to benefit from the referral incentive « £20 reward on Virgin mobile ». To benefit from that reward he needs to find a phone number from a referrer, he will than have to enter in the subscription form on the Birgin mobile website.
Refyoo will provide John with a large choice of referrer ads, on which he can copy a phone number and benefit automatically from the reward. (the referrer as well).

Referral program

The referral programs are listed and updated by the team.
All programs posted on Refyoo are linked to strong partnerships established since several years with hundreds of brands.

Referral ads

The referral ads are posted by the referrers through their referral space (access through their login and password).
The ads are unique to each referrer and enable them to describe their referral proposal. Refyoo recommends the referrers to provide clear explanations on their ads in order to increase their chances to convince a referral using their referral coupon or link.
Your referral codes or links can be found most of the time in the profile section on the website or brand you want to promote thanks to the referral program.

How can I become a Referrer on Refyoo ?

You are already a customer for a given brand like Virgin mobile for example. You can than refer /recommend someone (a referee) and both benefit from incentives, rewards, reductions, free month, free shipping, others...
To become a referrer, you need to subscribe (for free) to Refyoo.

Subscribing is just a matter of secondes with a simplified form.
You can than use your login / password to access your referral space.

This dedicated space allows you :
• to access to your profile for updates such as password or photo change
• to manage your ads : add, delete, edit
• to manage your messages, sent/received from your referees to the internal mailbox

How can I become a Referee on Refyoo ?

In order become a referee on a referral program and therefore benefit from an associated incentive

you just have to :
• go to the dedicated page created by Refyoo on a Brand. Accessing this page can be done easily through the site categories, or the search field
• click afterward on the buttons « get referred (random) » or « Access to all referrers »

You will than access to the referral ad posted by a referral. This ad describes how to proceed, either through the use of a referral coupon, a link, an invite.


A Referral program does not appear yet on Refyoo ?
You can provide us some information for us to add it.




You can unsubscribe at any time.