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Posted on 18-11-2020

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TalkTalk Business Broadband offers internet services to businesses across the United Kingdom. It is part of the TalkTalk Business group, one of the most rapidly emerging business to business telecommunications providers in the United Kingdom. The group also offers telephone, mobile phone and IT support.

The needs of businesses are obviously very different to those of the household telecoms user. TalkTalk Business is perfectly placed to understand and respond intimately to these needs, having over 20 years of experience of working with businesses of various formations. They thrive on using their experience to equip other businesses with the most appropriate telecommunications platforms for their needs, to make their enterprises flourish.

TalkTalk Business Broadband is passionate about providing these solutions at the lowest cost and the best value for their customers. Potential savings include unlimited data when using the company’s dedicated data lines. It is also possible to economise with the various value business packages available. For example the Business Broadband package, which includes unlimited broadband, line rental, no new line install fees, 7 day UK business support and a 12 month contract is available from only £18 a month. TalkTalk claims that this is a saving of £184 when compared to the pricing of rival company British Telecom.

In business time is money and TalkTalk Business Broadband ensure that no time is lost. They can assure this with their own Tier 1 network which is well maintained and constantly reliable - to 99.995%. Further, in the event that advice is needed, the company have over 600 support staff, based in the United Kingdom, accessible by phone or online. This team of customer service professionals are so effective that they tend to resolve over 90% of calls in the first call and, in addition to dealing with any problems encountered whilst using the network, they can also handle requests to join or change.

Talktalk Business Broadband understand that, especially in business, being at the forefront of technology in order to have the most effective communications is of the upmost importance. They therefore constantly invest in new technology to ensure the innovation of their service. For example, they have invested over £600 million in their future-proof network. They also offer support to businesses to constantly evaluate and ensure that the telecommunications they are using are the most effective for them. In turn, this ensures the most cost-effective solutions.

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