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Since 1969, BT (British Telecom) has provided telecommunications services to the United Kingdom. With the advent of modern technology and the internet, one service they now offer to their customers is broadband.

BT offer two broadband systems. Alongside their regular BT Broadband is their Superfast Fibre option. It is easy to check which option is possible for your location via a function on the company website: you simply need to input your postcode.

There are various packages available. The greatest difference between the packages is the data speed they offer. For example, the most basic broadband package offers a speed of 10Mb. This can increase to a speed of 67Mb for the Superfast Fibre plus option. Prices augment in line with the increase in data speed.

Each package has interesting perks, such as unlimited UK weekend calls on the most basic choice and protection against viruses across a number of devices on the more comprehensive packages.

A great feature of the BT Broadband service is that customers can also use the company’s Wi-Fi hotspots when they are out and about, so it is easy to stay connected even when you are not at home.

If you have any questions when you are trying to choose which package is best for you, the automatic pop up chat window and live chat options on the website will help you on your way.

If you decide to take out a BT Broadband contract, various offers are available to you. At the moment, the company is offering new customers a special card with a monetary award which can be spent in various stores. The amount of money given depends on which contract you take out. Special deals are also available for students.

Current customers can make use of the BT Broadband website to manage their account and to check that they have the best package for their needs, to see if an upgrade is possible.

As may be expected from such a British institution, BT’s help and support services are very thorough. If you are having a problem you can try to fix it yourself by reading their itemised problems pages. You can also ask the online community, or talk to an advisor online or by telephone.

BT Broadband has won numerous awards, including from consumer champion Which? and from uSwitch, winning their award for most popular broadband provider in 2018.

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