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Posted on 02-08-2021

Sign up to SSE and receive up to £35 depending on the product chosen.  My link is: On clicking the link, it will give you all the details on what to do next. I have been happy with the ease of contacting the customer services team. For energy, I submit ... Read more

Posted on 29-07-2021

Follow the referral and earn up to £35. Get your reward! Enter your email address and follow the link to SSE. Once you’ve placed your order through this referral, we’ll send you an email to your SSE rewards account so you can keep track of ... Read more

Posted on 01-06-2021

Get up to £35 off if you are switch to SSE, an award-winning energy supplier who also offer broadband, and boiler & heating cover. Use my link to sign up to one of their selected products to get up to £35 off! #SSE #referafriend #energy #broadband #boilerc ... Read more

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SSE Southern Electric provides you with great energy, broadband, and/or boilers and heating! After all, why not get everything from the same place?

SSE Southern Electric offers a variety of different services to make your home functional and cosy. Whether you dream of having a broadband provider that finally works, or your energy deal just isn’t the best at the moment, you could consider what SSE Southern Electric has to offer. Who knows, they might surprise you!

Their website is clear and easy to navigate. At the top, you will find the different categories of services that are provided by SSE Southern Electric: bundles, energy, broadband, and finally, boilers and heating.

SSE Southern Electric offers different gas and electricity tariffs depending on your needs. The first one on their website is tailored to electric vehicle users, for instance. You can drive for free in your electric vehicle for up to 8000 miles! What does that mean exactly? Well, if you charge your car during off peak hours, the electricity it gobbles up is free. Sounds like an offer you can’t refuse? Head to their website to find more gas and electricity offers just like this one.

Now, their broadband. The first thing you should know is that all of their deals have unlimited broadband, meaning you can download as manie movies as you can watch. Their fibre and fibre plus deals are extremely fast, and as their website states, their broadband is “Frustration-Free”. Sounds like something you might want? They also guarantee you that their price will not get higher in the first 18 months of your contract, there is no exit fee, and a free wireless router is included. To sum it up, they have your back - and their customers seem to think so as well, given the comments on their website.

Last but not least, their boilers come with excellent covers and customer service. You have access to help around the clock, any day of the week if you have any issues with your boiler (because who wants to take a cold shower after work?). This cover will only cost you £4.95 a month, depending on the options you choose.

All in all, SSE Southern Electric will take care of you whether you choose them for your energy, your broadband, your boiler and heating, or for all three! It is simple and very quick to switch to their services online. Head to their website to find out more.

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Avis ajouté le 02-10-2020 - note attribuée au parrain Akshay : 10 / 10


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