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Posted on 31-07-2022

Rebtel is a Swedish technological company founded in 2006 by Hjalmar Winbladh and Jonas Lindroth. With its roots in international calling, it sells products and services to migrants and international nomads. Talk to friends for less. Download the free Rebtel calling app and start callin ... Read more

Posted on 22-05-2021

Win win situation! Get FREE $10 in International Calling Credit Hi! I think you’ll love Rebtel for international calls. Right now, if you buy just $1 in credit, you get $10, so why not try it today? Please Note: to receive the FREE signup Bonus, make sure you copy-paste my referral ... Read more

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If you want to call anywhere in the world, Rebtel is the quality provider of choice.

Rebtel has become the best friend of those who travel, live abroad or have friends scattered around the world. Rebtel offers you great quality calls to any country and always with unparalleled audio quality.

Whether it's for business or personal use, Rebtel will never let you down and you'll be able to start communicating at any time, whenever you need to, to any destination.

You don't even need an internet connection, Rebtel works like a local call! Working from your number, Rebtel won't melt your precious 4G megabytes. Rebtel offers different rates depending on the destination of the calls.

Their most popular destinations such as Cuba and India are easily available on their front page. Otherwise search for the one you are looking for in their search bar.

Flexibility is Rebtel's prime motto, linking your international calls to local phone lines, saving money and providing outstanding audio quality.

No need for internet either, so no need for a good connection or to be in a place with WiFi. Call from anywhere and move around, the quality will never drop!

For each destination, the tariff is clearly communicated. All call charges are given to you in advance and you can also see a list of the amounts of each call made based on the time spent on the phone.

Rebtel also allows you to send phone credit to a person living abroad. Select the option and destination and the person will receive it shortly. To take advantage of Rebtel's services, you can create your account today by entering your local phone number and the destination of your call. Link your bank account to Rebtel's and you're on your way to calling the world! If you want to be sure of the quality of service Rebtel provides, you can read all the testimonials from every customer on their site and how it changed their lives.

No more big bills or difficult connections, you can maintain relationships more regularly with Rebtel. Their performance is appreciated and is starting to be adopted more and more in front of calls relying on the internet connection only.

If you need more information, refer to their website or look at their help centre page, which will surely answer all your questions.

Call the world freely with Rebtel!

This user transparent solution does not require an internet connection and allows you to enjoy local quality calls at very low rates.

Rebtel gives you access to your call history and active subscriptions so you can stay on top of your expenses.


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