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Posted on 28-11-2022

Ziglu - Get £5 + Give £5 when you invite your friends (unlimited referrals) - INSTANT fiver Ziglu is a crypto trading app/platform. It's one of the cheapest alternatives (to Coinbase and many other crypto apps) out there and one of the simplest/most intuitive apps in my opinion ... Read more

Posted on 31-08-2022

Ziglu: £5 Free ( Just deposit 1£, buy bitcoin 1£ ) then get 5£ - withdraw instantly! 1) Sign up using my link 2) Go through the verification 3) Deposit 1£, then buy any cryptocurrency with the 1£ 4) You will get 5£ instantly from Ziglu after ... Read more

Posted on 03-08-2022

Ziglu: £5 Free (Just deposit 1£, buy bitcoin 1£ , then get 5£ - withdraw instantly! ) 1) Sign up using my link  2) Go through the verification 3) Deposit 1£, then buy any cryptocurrency with the 1£  4) You will get 5£ instantly from Zig ... Read more

Posted on 31-07-2022

All your money needs - in one app. From crypto to cash accounts, foreign exchange to interest on your crypto - Ziglu packs a lot into one neat package. Now with Apple pay. The easy, secure and private way to pay. British-based and regulated, we use bank-grade security, encryption and monitorin ... Read more

Posted on 18-06-2022

5£ , potential more with Ziglu Hey, I've got an account with personal money app Ziglu and I think you'd enjoy using them too. Use my link to earn a referral bonus after your first qualifying exchange: We’ll both receive £5 as a thank y ... Read more

Posted on 27-05-2022

Free £5 to join up with Ziglu. This payment is instant  Step 1 - use this link to create an account Step 2 - add £1 to to your new Ziglu account (tap the green button to get your account details) Step 3 - use this £1 to buy Bitcoin. Tap m ... Read more

Posted on 30-04-2022

Free £5@ Ziglu App. ? 1. Complete Identification/Verification. 2. Top-Up and buy any crypto amount (I did £1). 3. £5 Added to account. 4. Fee-free withdrawal. You're Welcome ? ... Read more

Posted on 13-04-2022

Hey, I’ve got an account with personal money app Ziglu and I think you’d enjoy using them too. Transfer in £1 from your bank, buy £1 of Bitcoin – you can find your Ziglu sort code and account number by tapping on ?? Pound Sterling on the home screen. Use my link t ... Read more

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Looking for an easy and transparent platform to trade crypto with? Ziglu is the app for you!

Ziglu is all about creating a different way of trading, which does not copy exactly what other financial services can do. The creators of Ziglu really want to know what matters to you, and they want to build more than an app: a community. So, how does this translate in their app?

First of all, Ziglu has a transparency policy when it comes to fees. This means that you always know exactly what you are paying for, and there are no hidden margins or spreads. It must be said that Ziglu is especially good for novice traders, who want to enjoy a nice, slick interface. This means that there are a limited number of currencies to invest in compared to other platforms, but these other platforms might be harder to use and have hidden fees!

So, how do you get started? It is extremely easy. All you ned to do is download the Ziglu app, give some personal details and let them know why you would like to use the platform. Then you can start buying or selling crypto in all security – it is one of the first exchanges registered with the FCA, meaning its banks services are sanctioned and controlled. You can start buying crypto from £1 onwards, whether you want Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Cardano, Chainlink, Litecoin or Tezos. Sounds pretty good, right?

If you are looking for more, you can also sign up for the Sterling Boost or Bitcoin Boost accounts. With these, you have instant access, 5% interest and no penalty fees. If you want to find out more, visit their fluid website for all the info you might need before getting started.

Ziglu also has a card, which you can use to spend your money where you want to, and how you want to. It is bright pink and glow in the dark, for a little extra spark. You probably will not lose it – even when you go abroad, where you can pay in dollars or euros. There are no extra fees, and Ziglu allows you to have preferential exchange rates.

All in all, Ziglu is a user-friendly with a solid core of services which will help you find your way in crypto buying and selling. It is a regulated, safe platform and their app is where everything takes place. Why not give it a shot? If you would like to find out more before signing up, you can also visit their blog on their website, which can give you some insight into their goals and the crypto world. You are welcome to check out other users’ comments as well, while you’re at it!

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