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World Remit LTD is a money transferring service. The brainchild of Ismail Ahmed, the company allows the online transfer of funds worldwide from senders in over 50 countries, to destinations in over 145 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia. The service offers a new solution which avoids the more traditional off-line setup for sending money abroad, with high agency fees and copious amounts of paperwork.

Given Ahmed’s own difficult personal experience of trying to send money home to Somalia when he was studying abroad in England for an MBA at London Business School, the company is passionate about its vision and ethos. They deeply care about getting money to its destination, where it is needed, with ease and with minimal costs in fees and exchange rates involved. Every small saving counts and they are committed to achieving this goal.

World Remit LTD offer a variety of services. These include cash pickup, where the recipient can, usually instantly, collect cash from an approved location upon verification of their identity. A bank transfer, where the funds are transmitted into the recipient’s bank account, normally within one working day, is also possible. A list of countries which can receive bank transfers and further information is available on the company website, Mobile money, an innovative service, whereby money can be sent to the recipient’s mobile phone via a secure electronic payment system is another option alongside airtime top-up, a way to remotely add credit to the recipient’s mobile phone. Door-to-door delivery, which delivers cash directly to the recipient’s home address on presentation of a valid ID is a particularly interesting alternative, as is paying to pre-paid card. Full details of all of the services offered by the company, alongside a host of other information, are available in great detail on their site.

Depending on the country you are sending funds to, there is also a wide range of ways to pay for the transfer service, including card, bank transfer, android pay and apple pay.

With such a diversity of services offered, its speed and security and the ethos of company, it is not surprising that World Remit LTD has over 3 million satisfied customers and 85,000 5-star reviews.

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