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XE Money is an online foreign exchange service company based in Canada but operating worldwide, allowing money transfer to over 170 countries in 60 currencies and providing live currency converter and other exchange rate tools on its website and mobile App.

XE Money Transfer has been in the business of currency exchange for over 20 years and has been part of Euronet Worldwide, an international financial services business, since 2015.

How to start using XE Money to transfer money internationally? Setting up a personal or business account online is quick and easy.You may need to provide some piece of ID papers and upload them. You can make currency exchange transactions using XE Money secure online platform at any time or by contacting their customer service center.
To proceed to the transfer, simply log in to your account and confirm the currencies you would like to transfer. Enter the amount you want to transact and fill out details about the funds recipient, agree on the exchange rate and total cost. The transfer recipient doesn’t need to have a XE account, only a bak account at his or her name. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive the money you’ve sent and then another email when your transfer is completed which is usually between 3 to 5 days.
To limit the risks of misuse of money, you can fund transactions only via a bank account at your name and transfer up to the equivalent of half a million USD.

How much does it cost to transfer money with XE?

XE does not charge any transaction fees or commissions on international money transfers, but they make their margin on the difference between the amount transferred and the cost for XE to complete that trade. This cost called “spread” is most of the time lower than what a classic banks charge for a similar transaction.

Every year, over 13,000 businesses of all sizes choose XE Money as their everyday bank. XE can provide credit facilities to accommodate any companies hedging requirements and tailor their services to them.

What are the other benefits of using XE Money to wire funds?

  • In addition to one-off transfers, XE Money Transfer can also organise bids for currency exchange at a rate you have decided. XE will regularly monitor global markets and when the rate you’ve selected appears, will automatically lodge your transfer for you
  • If you need to transfer larger amounts or if you are unsure of the process, you can get help with any type of transaction including the assistance of a personal account manager to give you guidance and advice

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Mark added on 19-08-2020 - Mark given for the referrer Emanuel : 10 / 10

Promo code on Twino worked as it should. I invested 100 euros and received 15 euros. Thank you!!! ********************

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