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End the staggering exchange fees for your business exchanges with the help of Xend Pay.

Xend Pay’s goal is to cut the middleman and change the way currency and business exchange is done in 2019. The website provides true exchange rates 24/7 with the amount you’d save going through them than someone else.

Xend Pay provides an unmatched service to help you achieve smoother deals and transfers all over the globe for your enterprise. With Xend Pay at your service, the world’s your oyster!

Xend Pay has set up one of the smoothest and simplest transfer tools there is today. Here, you can define what currencies your transfers will take form in, from departure to arrival. Once you’ve chosen the amount, Xend Pay will also be able to show you how much you’re saving by comparing with the other exchange bureaux in the market.

Xend Pay has a small fee they recommend for every financial action but you can remove it or change it as you wish. The fee helps Xend Pay keep their business going to help you and many more enjoy the free market of international trade.

Over a certain amount of money transferred per year, a fee will incur, depending on whether you’re using your account for personal or business use. For specific currencies such as the dollar, the euro and the pound, you can enjoy unlimited transfers year-round! Deliveries within these currencies will usually enjoy a same day delivery too, depending on the time of transfer.

To start using Xend Pay and its’ amazing features, you can sign up for free online and fill out all of your personal and banking details. For every new destination, add the person’s or business’s banking details and Xend Pay will keep them on hand for easy recurring payments!

Many payment options are available such as bank transfer, credit cards or Sofort. For every country, you’ll find a list of necessary banking information in order to make a transfer too, find out the delivery schedule from their website.

For any more information, you can find answers on their comprehensive website or on their FAQ page. A glossary is also available to help you understand the deeper financial intricacies.

Experience the new, freer way to pay, transfer and exchange around the globe with no financial barriers to stop you any longer!

Xend Pay, the fair new exchange place!

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