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Posted on 05-12-2021

*Get £25 bonus for investing £250 for three months* I am not recommending that you invest - that is your decision - but if you are going to do so Wealthify (which is backed by Aviva, a longstanding big name in the industry) is a great platform for doing so. If you use this referral ... Read more

Posted on 04-12-2021

Right NOW (late autumn) would be a great time to make an initial investment - stock markets are on the low side but still picking up so you;ll benefit from the bounce back to boost your fund value. For a bonus £25 - please use my link (click orange box) to set up an account as a ... Read more

Posted on 01-12-2021

Get a joining bonus of £25 if you open an investment Plan with Wealthify, fund it with £500 or more and leave it invested for at least three months. You'll need to sign up using the link below and be a new customer to Wealthify to qualify. ... Read more

Posted on 28-11-2021

Looking for a robo-investor? Look no further and invest with Wealthify. As a gesture of our friendship, Wealthify will boost both our investment with £25 each! Share the wealth! When you join Wealthify and invests £500 or more for at least three months,  £25 boost ... Read more

Posted on 24-11-2021

Hey! Fancy joining me on Wealthify to start easily investing towards your goals? Use this link and we’ll both get £25 cashback! Wealthify is an online investment service which lets you build personal investment plans and then manages them for you. I have been using it for months an ... Read more

Posted on 04-11-2021

Get a free bonus £25 when you invest £500 for just three months with Wealthify using this link:   That's a free 5% back on your investment on top of whatever returns your investment may make! If you so wish, you can withdraw y ... Read more

Posted on 15-10-2021

Hey! Fancy joining me on Wealthify to start easily investing towards your goals? Use this link and we’ll both get £25 cashback! Create a Plan by choosing your investment style and how much you want to invest.  Invest more than £500 and hold it for at least 3 months will ear ... Read more

Posted on 02-10-2021

Wealthify has a £25 referral offer and I've found it to be a great easy to use investment platform. You need to invest £500 for 3 months to receive your £25. So great for a smaller investment if you're feeling less risky :)    many thanks folks  ... Read more

Posted on 05-08-2021

Wealthify is one of the decent Fintech auto-robo investing apps. Minimal fees. My investment pot has grown about 13% at present over about 18 months. Sign up with my referral link and you'll get £25 to start you off once you've invested £500 for 3 months (which kind of gives y ... Read more

Posted on 24-07-2021

Hi, get a £25 put into your account after 3 months if you invest £500 or more. This is an automatic 5% interest after only 3 months risk free - better than any bank out there +  good hedge to any declies in the market. Given expectations of a bull market, now is ... Read more

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Invest with Wealthify, and you will see your money grow as it is managed by experts.

Wealthify is an investment platform which offers General Investment Accounts, Investment ISAs, ISA Transfers, Junior ISAs, Pensions, Pension Transfers, and Ethical Investments. At Wealthify, they know that you work hard to earn your money, and they are here to help you make the most out of that money.

You have the choice between a wide variety of products, and five different investment types. Once you have chosen between the products mentioned above, and have told them how much you would like to invest, you can then select the kind of plan that best suits your needs.

The first plan is labelled “Cautious”. This means that your investment style is one where minimising loss is your ultimate goal. Wealthify will manage your plan accordingly, with small movements up and down in the value of your plan in order to beat inflation. The next investment type is called “Tentative” and it is focused on moderate growth. The third plan is named “Confident”, the fourth “Ambitious” and the fifth “Adventurous”. This last one implies that you would like to see maximum returns on the money you invest, and in order to do so, the value of your Plan may vary quite sharply in the process. This has higher risks, and higher potential rewards as well.

What’s more, you can invest with Wealthify even if you do not have millions to spare. You can even start with investing as little as £1, and add more each month! This way, even the small amount of money you invest will beat inflation, or in the very best case scenario, go up in value quite substantially.

So, why would you invest with Wealthify? Well, they handle all of the day to day movements and expertise for you, with reasonable fees (0.6%). So even if you know nothing about investing, you can still make use of the market and give even more value to your money than it already has!

Wealthify is also backed by Aviva, which is a very widely recognised financial services brand. Their stamp of approval means that Wealthify’s services are quite innovative, and brilliant! Wealthify also has an app, so you can keep track of your finances even when you’re on the move. All in all, if you choose to invest with Wealthify, you have the chance of seeing your money grow in value: head to their website to find out more!

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