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Posted on 09-08-2022

Free £10 Credit on Tymit Credit Card. Tymit Credit Card is the first instant issue, instalment credit card in the UK. It gives individuals the option to pay for purchases in instalments or pay off their balance at the end of the month in full. Individuals can see how much interest the ... Read more

Posted on 09-08-2022

What's free?  £15  +  3 months Interest-free   -----------------------------------------------   Tymit Credit Card is a "credit-builder" for poor or limited credit histories. Get 3 months interest free installments. No annual membership fee. No fee A ... Read more

Posted on 08-08-2022

Sign-up for a Tymit credit card and you get £15 bonus reward!  Use my otherURLs to earn even more: Cash App: Using my code andyou get £10. Promo Code:ZRPSVPH PassTo: send £10, Get £15 https ... Read more

Posted on 31-07-2022

Pay later anywhere at 0% Pay for anything over 3 months for free. Or take your time - all the way up to 36 months. Illustrative Example: Rep. APR 21.9% (variable). This means for a purchase of £100 at 21.9% spread over 12 months, you'll pay a total of £111.12 (12 paym ... Read more

Posted on 30-04-2022

Tymit (£15.00):    Sign-up for a Tymit credit card and you'll get £15!   You're Welcome ?   ... Read more

Posted on 02-12-2021

15£ from tymit   Sign-up for a Tymit credit card and we could share £30!   Some of the benefits you will get are:   ? Break any purchase into 3 equal monthly instalments interest free (0% APR).   ? 6, 12 ... Read more

Posted on 01-11-2021

Get £15 after you sign up for Tymit and make your first purchase. In order to qualify you need to download the app and use code: EMANUH9773 Tymit is a very cool credit card with nice design and features. The main advantage compared to a traditional credit card is the fact that once you m ... Read more

Posted on 24-07-2021

You get a £ 15 joining bonus if you sign up using my link. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Just click on this link and sign up the usual way.  Tymit is one of the best credit cards out there if you want a longer credit period, or just starting. It gives you a credit period of 3 months as o ... Read more

Posted on 16-06-2021

Apply for your Tymit account (International Visa credit card with great features) today using my code and you and we could share £30 [£15 comes to both from Tymt automatically just after your first use of the card] Enter this code while registering to Tymit ABHISJ7237 No ... Read more

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Are you sick of credit cards or loans, but still want something to help you plan out your expenses over a month? Tymit has what you need!

Tymit is a simple, viable, and easy to use alternative to credit cards or loans. It is cheaper and more flexible to use than credit cards with obscure fees, or store loans which require credit checks each time they are called upon. Why shouldn’t there be an easier way to space out your balances over the month?

Well, Martin and Nico think there is no reason why a better solution shouldn’t exist, and this is why they created Tymit in 2017. They want to make credit honest and safe, and their new kind of credit card is the beginning of this adventure.

So, how does it work? First off, you will need to sign up online and create an account. Once that is done, and you have downloaded the app, you can order your first credit card which you can pay in instalments with!

Once you receive your credit card, you will be able to make payments in instalments, simply and easily. Let’s say you purchase a new couch for a sum of £100: you will immediately have the option of paying this back in two or three instalments, over the months which you choose. All this can be done at the tip of your fingers! If you choose to repay over three months, you will have 0% APR.

If you need to pay back over a longer period of time, no worries! It will cost you a little, but there are no hidden fees. The price of paying back over 6, 12 or even 24 months will be given to you through the app, upfront and direct. What’s more, you can adjust this any time. Need a few extra months to pay something off? Not to worry! Or, if on the other hand, you have the funds to pay back your instalment early, you can do this at no extra cost or fee.

Last but not least, they have specific features to help you plan out your expenses and make responsible choices. You can use their purchase simulator to see straight away how one expense can affect your balance over the next few months!

Head to their website to find out more about Tymit’s services, and see how they can help you out.

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