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Posted on 19-09-2020

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Posted on 19-09-2020

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Posted on 19-09-2020

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Posted on 19-09-2020

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Founded in 2012, Transfer Go is a money transfer company which is now available in 47 countries. It allows migrant workers to send money back to their families without paying excessive bank fees.

Making a transfer is easy: you simply book it by inputting the recipient’s details and the amount you desire to send, you make a local bank transfer or use a debit card (for payments up to £1000) and Transfer Go will then transfer the money to the recipient. Given that funds are paid in and out locally, money does not have to leave the country.

It is also convenient to access the service on tablet, desktop or mobile phone. There is also a dedicated Transfer Go app. The navigation of their website is particularly accessible, facilitated by an impressive choice of languages.

An important feature of the Transfer Go service is speed: funds are delivered very quickly - normally no later than the next working bank day (but not on weekends or during bank holidays in the country of the sender or the receiver).

Transfer Go offers great value for money and transparency. For each transaction there is a charge of 0.6%-1.5% for the currency conversion (based on the amount transferred and the country of origin of the deposit). Not only is the transfer fee fixed (depending on the country of origin of the deposit), but when a transaction is booked all of the fees are included in the amount displayed.

Transfer Go assures the security of transfers at all times. Their security protocol is of the same level as a commercial bank and the company is licensed and regulated. Trustpilot’s independent review of the company also rates it as being excellent, giving it five stars.

For businesses, Transfer Go is a particularly attractive option. The system allows suppliers to be paid quickly, securely and at a low cost. Naturally, saving money on international transfers allows more money be reinvested in the company.

Transfer Go offers excellent customer service which is widely praised by their previous customers. An important part of this is the impressive support section on their website. It is also easy to contact the Transfer Go team via email, telephone and even by Facebook. The support team is available from 7am to 4pm (GMT), Monday to Friday and their contact details are clearly advertised.

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Mark added on 19-08-2020 - Mark given for the referrer Emanuel : 10 / 10

Promo code on Twino worked as it should. I invested 100 euros and received 15 euros. Thank you!!! ********************


Mark added on 12-06-2020 - Mark given for the referrer Pamodukan : 10 / 10

Pamodukan is very helpful, answered all my questions, and the code worked perfectly. Thank you!


Mark added on 27-05-2020 - Mark given for the referrer ioana911 : 10 / 10

Awesome great refferer


Mark added on 21-04-2020 - Mark given for the referrer Veska : 10 / 10

I have registered in few links, they work as expected, the bonus/discounts work fast enough! Best investment I ever had


Mark added on 01-03-2020 - Mark given for the referrer Pamodukan : 10 / 10

Promo code on Viainvest worked as it should. I invested 50 euros and received 10 euros. Thank you.


Mark added on 14-08-2019 - Mark given for the referrer ard4 : 10 / 10

I've tried ard4's referral code and I got my bonus! Thanks!


Mark added on 11-08-2019 - Mark given for the referrer susmoka : 10 / 10

Very friendly.


Mark added on 28-06-2019 - Mark given for the referrer MoneyMaker : 10 / 10

Super Referrer with 100% success on rewards.


Mark added on 27-06-2019 - Mark given for the referrer Aslan : 10 / 10

Everything worked just like Aslan has described. Thanks a lot. And I wish you even more success.


Mark added on 02-03-2019 - Mark given for the referrer Pluro : 10 / 10

Great Referrer - thank you

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