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Posted on 04-10-2022

Do you want to get free shares worth up to £100? Join Trading 212 Invest with my link, and we will both get free shares. Once you've got the shares you can keep them or sell them. ... Read more

Posted on 03-10-2022

Do you want to get free shares worth up to £100? Join Trading 212 Invest with my link, and we will both get free shares. Once you've got the shares you can keep them or sell them. ... Read more

Posted on 03-10-2022

FREE £100 share when you create an account using this link Top up your account with a minimum deposit and get the share. You can use this promo code when registering: GbyA0lbY   The share will be randomly allocated - you can get a ... Read more

Posted on 26-09-2022

Code for free share: FfWMsaXr    To get a free share worth up to £100 (or €100). Create a Trading 212 Invest account and add the promo code: FfWMsaXr You can use the referral link: to sign up. Even if you forgot to use a refe ... Read more

Posted on 25-09-2022

Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to ‎€?100? Create a Trading 212 Invest account and use promo code: 11QRkGfxu0 We will both get a free share! Get the app using this link: ... Read more

Posted on 19-09-2022

 Do you want to get free shares worth up to £100? Mystery share valued between €1 to €100 awarded for signing up via link. Trading 212 that doesn't charge you commission , enabling you to create a portfolio to match your goals whether that be the pu ... Read more

Posted on 10-09-2022

Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to ‎£100? Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share! With Trading 212 you can open investment or ISA account, using your annual stocks & shares allowan ... Read more

Posted on 05-09-2022

Join Trading 212 and start investing with this link / code. Once signed up and after depositing funda into your account you will receive 1 free share worth up to £100 with which you may keep or sell.    ... Read more

Posted on 29-08-2022

Take advantage now!! Use my code and can get it free share worth up to 100€!! Open a Trading 212 Invest account and use the following promo code: 11QS30BRxv or We will both receive a  free share up to 100€! ... Read more

Posted on 21-08-2022

Do you want to open free investment account or ISA account with no fee and get free shares worth up to £100? Join Trading 212 Invest with my link, and we will both get free shares. Promo Code: 11QlFm1IP3 ... Read more

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Learn how to trade and to invest on Trading 212!

Trading 212 brings financial trading to your home, wherever you are and whoever you are, thanks to their easy to use app. You are only a few clicks aways from all of the currencis, stocks, and gold. If you are a beginner trader, fret not! They have a wide array of videos and tutorials to get you started with all of the necessary information in order to make good investments. You won't regret your actions if you are well equipped with knowledge. They have such videos like "How to buy your first share", "Introduction to fractional shares" (you can invest with just one pound!), or strategies such as "How to trade breakouts". The website counts hundred of thousands satisfied members already.

Open an account quickly easily today and start making the big bucks, with little effort from your part. Learn how to take advantage of the market. There are no commissions on investments and no fees so you know you are getting the most you could be, in comparison to other traditional banks and investment services. You can invest all over the world on thousands of different stocks and also buy fractions. It is all very flexible and accessible to anyone. You have access to an unlimited number of instantaneous transactions and the customer help line is available 24 hours a day, all days of the week. You can trade at any time and get help whenever as well. The Trading 212 app has been rated the best one on the App Store and one Google Play, with almost perfect ratings. Thanks to the fraction option, you can hold even the most expensive stocks like Google, Amazon and Apple.

Investing in fractions allows you to have a diversified portfolio even with a small amount of money. Start small and make big money! You are guaranteed to get the best trades possible because there are no fees on your transactions. Trading 212 is authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Your funds are held in a segregated account and are protected by the FSCS Scheme to the extent of £85,000. They use the best techniques to keep your money safe. Their service was featured on all of the specialty outlets such as the Financial Times, Forbes magazine, The Telegraph, and more. And there are always new videos added for you to learn new things about the fascinating world of trading!

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10/10 referrer! Ajain transferred me back an extra 20 after using their CurrencyFair link. Thank you! Would recommend!


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