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Posted on 29-01-2023

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Posted on 21-10-2022

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Posted on 30-09-2022

[ Up to $200 Free ] One free share when you create your Trade Republic account by entering my referral code   Register via this link and I will give you 40 € of my bonus:   I am available for any questions, so do not hesitate to contact me ... Read more

Posted on 17-05-2022

Ti invito su Trade Republic, ti viene offerto 200$: 1. Registrati tramite il mio link o inserisci il codice 7JS8JFXK 2.fai il tuo primo deposito di 100€ 3.Fai un acquisto di un azione (puoi investire anche 1€ su TUNIU) ed è fatta ricevi il tuo bonus di 200$ e preleva ? ? ... Read more

Posted on 03-04-2022

Hey, when you click on the link and create an account under it, you will receive a free stock with a value up to 200€. In my case I got an apple stock with a value of 150$. So it's absolutely worth it when you think about to use Trade Republic. Just try it and get your free stock :) ... Read more

Posted on 30-03-2022

Special offer: €200 free share for opening a Trade Republic account! Link: Register with Trade Republic via this link and receive a share worth up to €200 after your first deposit. Trade Republic is an easy to use online broker with app and des ... Read more

Posted on 16-02-2022

Use code 9z8lz2s7 or link when setting up your account and receive a share worth almost €200!! Just add €50 to you account buy one share, for instance Alpha Lithium for less than €1.   I received a alphabet stock worth €197!! Than you can do wha ... Read more

Posted on 26-01-2022

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Posted on 19-01-2022

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Posted on 15-01-2022

UP TO 200 EUROS WITH TRADE REPUBLIC Trade Republic is an English platform for investing in stocks.   Application of the year. I received a 200 euro share as a gift   You can invite up to 40 friends and earn other shares up to 200 euros   The won share is immediately withdrawab ... Read more

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Trade Republic, the 100% mobile stockbroker, gives you free access to a securities account to invest, with just a few clicks, in stocks and ETFs from around the world.

The German 100% mobile broker has been designed so that as many people as possible can The German mobile broker has been designed so that as many people as possible can make their savings grow by investing in the stock market in a simple and effective way.

You don't need to have any specialised knowledge in the field of trading, the Trade Republic app is aimed at both beginners and experts in the stock market.

The stock market product offering is simple: a stock account that can be managed from your smartphone, giving access to over 8,500 stocks and ETFs. New assets from around the world are added regularly.

There are no nasty surprises when it comes to billing! 1 is charged for each transaction made, as an external fee. That's all you have to think about when it comes to fees. Trade Republic does not charge you for opening an account, maintaining an account or placing orders. It's completely free and that's good news!

In a few words, let's recap: You download the app on your mobile phone, sign up for free to access a securities account that allows you to invest, save and trade stocks and ETFs on markets around the world, for €1 charged for each transaction made. Nothing could be clearer!

With Trade Republic you always have an eye on the markets, from wherever you are, you receive market news, such as price alerts, data on your activity in real time. Everything is managed via your smartphone! The search function and filters allow you to find investments easily. You can view all your transactions in the history section, such as dividends, account movements and other settlements. You also have the possibility to make regular scheduled investments in shares and ETFs free of charge.

When it comes to security, Trade Republic has very high security standards, with You are guaranteed to invest safely and securely in your account. You are guaranteed to invest with peace of mind!

With Trade Republic, long hours of trading await you with a service available You will be able to trade from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm, so don't waste any more time, dive into the world of trading, right now, and find a Trade Republic promo code.

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Avis ajouté le 25-10-2021 - note attribuée au parrain Victoire : 10 / 10

Thank you victoire for the sharing Best regards


Avis ajouté le 15-09-2021 - note attribuée au parrain Davidcha : 10 / 10

David, as promised, shared with me 2 € from backmarket Nice and efficient, I totally recommend Thank you

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