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Posted on 15-01-2021

? I’ve just insured my mobile ? with Use the link below to get fast, smart cover - plus a month free ?.  Use their simple app verification to show your phone is undamaged and reduce your excess by £100 Insuring your phone separately from your mobile network will ... Read more

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So Sure is the phone insurance provider you had been waiting for!

So Sure offers great insurance for your phone. If you want to figure out for yourself whether their services are affordable and fair, all you need to do is visit their well-made website. On there, you will need to answer a few questions about what kind of phone you own, such as the make, the model, the size and your email. Once you have done this, you are good to go! They will send you a quote via email, and you can make up your mind about So Sure and their insurances.

What is special about So-Sure is that they give you some of your money back. Up to 80% actually! Sounds crazy, right? Well, not so much. Here is how it works. Once you have signed up to So Sure and their social policy, as it is called, you can start connecting with people like your Mum, your friends, your neighbour… anyone who is usually very careful with their phone, basically. If you and all your connections don’t break, lose, or damage your phones during one policy year, your reward pot will be paid out to you at the end!

Sounds like the kind of insurance you need? Why not! After all, if you damage your phone, you are safe, and if you don’t, the price for your insurance drops. So Sure is shifting insurance practices back to what they looked like in the 17th century, when insurance was so that people could be safe from unpredictable events.

What’s more, the cash that you get back if you do not damage, break or lose your phone is entirely yours to spend. If you wish, you can also reuse it in order to lower the price of next year’s insurance, but that is in now way an obligation.

Customer service is always there to help you out if you have any questions, issues, or simply want to make a claim. On their website, you will also find many comments left by those insured by So Sure, describing how quick they were at handling their claim. Quick, cheap and fair: what more could you want from your phone insurance provider?

They also have an interesting blog if you would like to find out more about how people use their phone, how long mobile phones last and many more interesting questions linked to the important question of phones in our lives! Head to So Sure’s website to find out more about this novel social insurance.

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