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Send money anywhere in the world quickly and without breaking the bank thanks to the Ria app!

Are you someone who decided to expatriate, immigrate, or with family and friends all over the world, whatever the circumstances may be? You probably need to send money around quite often then, and manage multiple international bank accounts. The challenges caused by these situations are all too common. You can now in the digital age get help and reduce your costs by using the appropriate services and apps.

Learn about a money transfer service with competitive exchange rates, low fees and fast transfer options : Ria Money Transfers offers both online transfers and agent location transfers. Depending on where you send your transfer to, be it either online or from a physical agent location, fees and options may vary. Online transfers are only available for residents sending from many countries such as Australia, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.

Why should you adopt Ria for your money transfers? Firstly because transfers are fast! In fact, it only takes 15 minutes for the recipient of your choice to make a cash withdrawal. Ria offers several payment options: You can either pay with a debit card, a credit card or a bank account for online transfers. When sending via a Ria agent location, you can also pay in cash.

Regarding the delivery of funds, your recipient can receive the money directly to their bank account, withdraw money at an agent or at certain markets, have the funds delivered to their home or work. With more than 389,000 branches in over 160 countries, Ria is the world's third largest provider of international money transfers.

By choosing Ria to send your funds, you are sure to benefit from a very competitive exchange rate and fees compared to those offered by your local bank. With Ria you not only benefit from faster delivery than that offered by your traditional bank, but it also helps you get more money to your recipient.

You can send a few thousands of pounds per transfer, per calendar day. Over 30 days, you can send a maximum of $7,999. Both of these amounts are for online transfers, the location limits of Ria agents may vary. You now know all about the money transfer service offered by Ria, so don't wait any longer, start sending funds now to the recipient of your choice.

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