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Revolut is here to revolutionize the way you’re using banking today and tomorrow.

Revolut was launched in 2015 by the two founders who had long first hand expertise in the depths of the banking world. They both decided to make it all accessible, simple and forward-thinking for all, not just the big banks. Revolut incorporates all the modern needs and demands such as cryptocurrency and international banking, all from one single app. No more red tape and astronomical fees, Revolut has come to change the game.

With Revolut, you can do absolutely everything with one touch of a finger on your phone. You can open a bank account in minutes straight from the app and start using all of their amazing features straight away.

With a basic plan, you’ll get your online account with a IBAN. This account will allow you to pay, set up budgets for different spending plans and recurring payments for bills and rent. The basic plan will also allow you to pay and transfer overseas without a fee under a certain limit, a rare jewel in today’s regular bank accounts.

With premium and metal account plans, the options become almost unlimited as to what you can with your money. Access to cryptocurrency, travel insurance, bagage and/or flight insurance, cards and LoungeKey Pass access and on and on the list goes. With a plan like this with your money on it, the world is truly your playground.

?With Revolut, you also get perks such as discounts and fees-free payments with your card. Revolut works just as well for personal and business use. With the business plan, you get all of the features the personal ones have but adapted to your business's needs. All of your employees are now able to connect all over the world, exchange and keep track of your business's spending.

Of course, a lot of questions will arise when first starting to use Revolut. That’s why they created their great and comprehensive help center, to give you all the answers possible in a straightforward and intelligent way.

You can of course follow Revolut on all of their social media accounts to keep up with their latest news. If you want to learn more about them, search their blog or get in contact, they’d love to hear from you.

Revolut is the app that wants your and your money to be free!

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Posted on 20-07-2019

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Posted on 19-07-2019

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Posted on 15-07-2019

Another really good service for transfer money abroad and receive money with your personal EUR / GBP bank details. You will able to convert the money in many value from the world. Revolut allow you to... Read more

Posted on 14-07-2019

Enjoy a free Debit Card incl. free shipping when you sign up with my referral link: Get a free UK current account, free Euro IBAN account, spend in over... Read more

Posted on 05-07-2019

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Posted on 03-07-2019

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