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Did you know that Post Office have great Phone and Broadband deals?

Discover their deals, with the following features: No data caps, (so you can download what you feel like downloading!), no price rise mid contract, very easy to set up Wi-Fi routers, as well as free phone calls to other Post Office Home Phone numbers at any time! What’s more, their dedicated team in the United Kingdom is there to help you with anything that might go wrong, and the deals include the rentals of the home phone lines with which your house will be equipped.

In other words, these deals make sure there aren’t any bits and pieces missing, to make sure that your experience with Post Office Phone and Broadband deals is smooth and efficient.

Want to choose the right Phone and Broadband deal for you? You can choose between the three options offered. The first one, also the most popular, includes Unlimited Broadband, with an average speed of 11Mb per second, and includes a line rental. It is a great option if you plan to connect a few devices to it simultaneously, for the price of £18 a month, for 12 months.

The next step up is the £25 a month deal, with 38Mb per second average speed (at peak times), and the one after that is £29 a month with a 67 Mb per second speed at peak time.

All of these deals are at the prices above for the first 12 months. What’s more, you can find out the speed and availability for these deals in your area, simply by going to the Post Office website, and clicking on the Phone and Broadband section. There, you will need to enter your postcode and your landline number if you have one, and off you go!

You can also opt for longer contracts, such as 18 or 24 months, and the prices vary slightly. It depends on how fast you want your broadband, how long you want it for, and so on. Note that the free calls to any Post Office Home Phones mean that if all your friends have this deal, you will really be making the most out of it.

All in all, Post Office Phone and Broadband deals are a great option to look out for right now, and with their £0 upfront cost policy, as well as the UK support team ready to help you out, you know you are in good hands. Want to find out more? Their website is clear, well-made, and has all the information you might need.

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