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Posted on 20-09-2019

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Pockit has picked up on costumers’ desire to spend and sort their money in a different way. They’ve come up with a designer new system.

Pockit is the new banking system taking over the UK with it’s easy to understand, get and manage money structure. Pockit is a banking system but it’s not a bank. It brings forward all the features that banks propose without their screening and rejection.

If you’re not fitting regular banks’ most-liked profiles, you’re going to love Pockit’s. Its’ founders have made dealing and organizing money easy and most importantly, accessible. No more hidden fees and paperwork, Pockit is transparent and online. Welcome to the future’s banking system.

Pockit offers a great number of features that will suit every profile. You can get your Pockit account working within minutes by signing up on their app or online. All you need is to fill out a few personal information and your phone number as well as ID. And you need to be 18 or over!

Within a few days, you’ll get your Pockit card and off you are! With your new account, you can transfer money to it and pay cash with PayPoint which is available at over 28 000 shops in the UK. When your wages come in, Pockit works just like a normal online bank account where you can get your money transferred to.

You can get cash out, pay in-store and online, transfer and pay bills, friends and family, even outside the UK! Pockit will send you live notifications on your account balance and more, so you’re always in control.

With Pockit, you’re paying the basic membership to have access to great and lifesaving features! You can check out exactly the membership fee as well as extra incurring fees for certain services on their website. You can also get add-ons such as a savings account and cash back, of which all the details are available online.

If you need more information and have a few questions, you can refer to their website and FAQ page, which should answer most of your doubts.

If you want serious details, they’ll be happy to talk through your account or with the online chat. Follow Pockit on their blog and social media accounts to keep up with their latest news, so you’re always getting the next best thing!

Pockit, the bank that fits in your pocket!

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Mark added on 16-04-2019 - Mark given for the referrer check : 10 / 10

Very nice and efficient - I would recommend that Sponsor


Mark added on 16-04-2019 - Mark given for the referrer check : 10 / 10

Very nice and efficient - I would recommend that Sponsor

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