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Neo Finance is the first p2p with two licences straight from Europe, to fund and return on the best investments.

Neo Finance was founded in Lithuania to create a new kind of online investment. With two licences to propose and safeguard different types of loans such as the electronic money institution license as well as the peer to peer consumer lending license from the Lithuanian Central Bank. They are the only ones to propose such a thing, so you can be sure of the safety and return on your investments.

Neo Finance proposes a grand investment offer for investors, by offering a high level of security, supervising and of course return on all investments. Proposing the first unlimited e-money institution licence, this allows for the license to be active in all of the European Union and to keep investments separate from the corporation.

Neo Finance also offers provision funds to buy-back your investment after completion. Even after the regulation of Lithuanian investment rates, they have remained high, meaning high return for all investors.

When one signs up, every investor gets an IBAN account. You’ll have to fill out personal details and authentification information. Then, start to invest! For each loan that you’re interested in, you’ll get a comprehensive informational page listed with the whole amount, maturity, interest rate as well as rating.

You’ll also be able to see the borrower’s informations, personal and income related to make an informed decision. You can see what other investors have all put into this loan before choosing you own amount.

The provision fund is always optional but available for every loan invested in which allows you to always have peace of mind, whatever the amount. Neo Finance relies on transparency and publishing all operational details.

With this in mind, they publish all statistical reports which counts an average interest rate today at over 17% and an extremely steady rising loan amount since it’s first quarter. Neo Finance’s website is comprehensive and easy of use for all new and active investor. Their FAQ will answer any further question you may have.

All of their option and service pricing is available online in its’ respective section and if you’d like to get in contact, they’d love to hear from you at the available online details.

Finance loans and earn more with better rates, safety and interaction at Neo Finance.

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