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Posted on 05-06-2020

Hey, I think you should get a Monzo account. - Easy to get (no credit check) - £5 gifted when you first use the card - has Apple Pay - free to use abroad - great for money management - easy to give and receive money (like PayPal) - create pots to put you money aside - round up transa ... Read more

Posted on 25-12-2019

Heya quick £5 referral code for opening account is Its the most convenient app based bank to use, make sure you send all your friends a link as well and make money with monzo!!! Have fun!!!!!  ... Read more

Posted on 16-10-2019

Hi all! This golden ticket is valid for monzo! You can gain rewards from signing up with this link// monzo is a very useful online bank where you can get paid your work/ wages into. Without the aggravation of in-store banks. Hey, I think you should get a Monzo account. Get one through this lin ... Read more

Posted on 19-09-2019

I joined Monzo after doing some research to find the best way of spending money abroad. My old bank would charge me extra fees for using my card, using ATMs and then even give me their own exchange rate which was far poorer than the actual one from Visa/Mastercard. Monzo is a far better alternative ... Read more

Posted on 26-08-2019

Hey, I think you should get a Monzo account. - Easy to get (no credit check) - £5 gifted when you first use the card - has Apple Pay - free to use abroad - great for money management - easy to give and receive money (like PayPal) - create pots to put your money aside - round up trans ... Read more

Posted on 06-08-2019

Hi All, About Monzo Bank account: -- Free Online bank account accessible from mobile app (you will get account number and sort code) -- Free contactless debit card for transactions, no charges for transactions -- Free Delivery of card to your home address -- Reliable, Fast and No Hidden cha ... Read more

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Open your Monzo account today like 40,000 other people and discover the great new world of tomorrow’s banking.

Monzo’s goal is just to make your daily spending life a little bit easier to budget for and manage, as we all know the hassle it can become at times. At Monzo, everything is clear and categorized so you always know where your money is going.

Monzo also values its’ costumers travel needs and offers some of the greatest deals on overseas spending. With Monzo, you can feel free to spend your money anywhere, anytime.

Monzo is truly all about easiness of use. To start, you can easily begin budgeting in order to save for that next holiday or simply to not go too overboard. You can set as many spending budgets as you’d like for shopping, groceries, pets…

Every time you spend, you’ll get a notification to keep track and you can find a summary inside the app too. If you’re into saving, Monzo has partnered up with some retailers for their costumers to get a percentage cash back!

You can also set aside money into pots and have every spend with decimals rounded up to a net number where the spare change goes into your savings pot. You’ll never believe how fast those little cents can change into big dollars.

To travel, Monzo follows you everywhere and you can withdraw cash abroad within conditions as well as spend at shops normally. You can also pay people more effortlessly than before, whether that’s a one-off, recurring or an international transfer.

Monzo is available on Apple Pay and Google Play so it’s always reachable, handy when you genuinely forgot your wallet at brunch! If you’ve really lost your card though, you can freeze it immediately from the app to avoid any theft and order a new one or defrost it if you find it.

So, to enjoy all of these amazing features and more, you can open your account online in just a few minutes. Monzo also has a current account switch guarantee to make everything easy and as smooth as possible for you.

All of the extra details are available on their website and dedicated help pages on specific topics are also available to help you understand the inner workings of your new bank. They’d love to hear from you by phone or email too.

Monzo works for its’ costumers.

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