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Posted on 29-01-2023

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Looking to invest in a safe and high yielding sector? Lendsecured has what you need!

Lendsecured, as you may have guessed, is a crowdfunding platform. The special thing about it is that it focuses on financing the agricultural sector. In other words, it is a peer to peer lending platform, but everything goes to farmers! Sounds interesting, right?

This platform, according to reviews, is very reliable. They have at the core of their values the wish to provide safe financing to those working in agriculture. For this to happen, they make sure that their LTV (Loan to Value ratio) stays low, which means that the loans are more secure. If you confide their funds to them, Lendsecured make sure that your money is used correctly, and without undue risk.

If this sounds like the kind of platform that you are interested in investing with, you should really visit their website. It is well made, and explains everything you might need to know about investing in general, and their business in particular.

The scope of Lendsecured is to propose asset-backed agricultural projects, as well as development projects, that have high yields. They aim to resolve the lack of money in the European agricultural sector, while creating economic value and making sure that investments are going towards constructive projects for society. What exactly does this mean? Well, as they explain on their website, they make sure to choose farming projects to be financed that have small productions, use environmentally friendly methods, and so on. This is really important, especially at the moment!

So, who is behind this good idea? Two people with a lot of experience in the sector: Nikita Gon?ars and Edgars T?lums. The company is based in Latvia, and if you visit the website, you can find out about all the interesting and stable projects that these two partners have previously set up.

So, how exactly does this work? It’s quite simple. As the investor, you just need to register on the platform – this is quick and easy to do. Then, you can choose to invest from a range of projects that are available on their platform, Lande. Everything is made really secure for you, from the first rank mortgage of every project to the money transfers, for which they have partnered with LemonWay. You can also choose between different repayment methods, such as Full Bullet, Bullet, Balloon or Annuity. The projects also have different loan types, from 3-12 months, to 12-60 months, with an in-between of 12-36 months, depending on whether these loans are for machinery, land buying or seasonal funding.

All in all, Lendsecured is a great way to invest in meaningful projects. All the loans are secure thanks to the tough screening process for the projects that get published. What is more, they are also chosen for their high yields. Have a look at their website to find out more!

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