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Posted on 03-07-2022

Currently they're offering £3 to £500 for a new user for joining Everup and opening a cash account (no deposit needed, just verify id). We get £10 for each new invite who goes on to open a cash account until 5th July.  Rewards will be paid on: July 14, 2022 Usuall ... Read more

Posted on 03-07-2022

**LAST FEW DAYS TO GET £3-£500 FREE!** Get between £3 & £500 FREE cash, 20x FREE tickets to win £1M PLUS entry to a draw to win your July rent or mortgage paid (up to £1000) when you join EverUp by 05/07/22! the chance to  ... Read more

Posted on 23-05-2022

Get free between £4 and £100 with my invite link as well as win free cash and prizes in games and raffles. Including chance to win £1m Use link and just open a cash account, no credit required, free money paid mid month invite code  RHAT840542YXAZVB htt ... Read more

Posted on 22-05-2022

Everup are offering a free £4-£100 for new signups who open a cash account. use this link to sign up when you have signed up use referral code RMAR311351WNTUCE deposit £1 into your cash account and you will get your free &pou ... Read more

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Download the EverUp app to turn saving into a game!

How does it work? It is simple. Download the app and set yourself some saving goals – this could be anything: a trip to Mexico, a new coat, a car… The app takes your goals and how you meet them into account. The more you save, the more coins you earn within the app. These coins then allow you to play games where you can earn real money! The highest prize is currently £365,000, which you can win in EverUp’s weekly lotto.

In other words, EverUp is a kind of fitness app but for your saving skills. What is more, it makes saving fun! The app is entirely free – even within the app, there are no hidden fees. Then, the risk factor is also very low, since you never use your own actual savings to play with. You are also free to withdraw your money at any time, there is no commitment needed whatsoever.

So, what kind of games are available on the app? Well, you will have to try them for yourself to see, but here is a quick description anyway. There are some games where you experience the adrenaline of prizes being drawn (like the weekly lotto previously mentioned). Other games are more fun-oriented, and closer to usual mobile games. Either way, you will need the in-app coins to play, but you can win real money at the end.

When you sign up with EverUp, you will be able to open an e-money account, in GBP (£). EverUp is not exactly a bank, they are an approved e-money institution, but your money is safe with them nonetheless! They have agreements with the Bank of England, and your money is kept safe in ring fenced account. According to their website, this means that your money sits still in the bank – it is not used to finance other projects etc. You can find out more about this on their interesting website, which explains their project quite well.

Overall, EverUp is meant to stimulate you to save money, by rewarding your saving behaviour. The fact that you can win real money by using fake coins gives you the element of adrenaline and surprise that gambling would do, without putting your hard earned savings at risk. Why not give it a go? To get started, you will need to be over 18 years old and to reside in the United Kingdom for tax purposes. If that is the case, signing up should only take you a couple of minutes! You will need a photograph of your ID, a selfie, your mobile number and an email address. Download their app to get started.

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