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Posted on 09-07-2020

Get £5 when you join Curve! Promocode: EK2672QN   Curve is better with friends! The great news is, if you introduce a friend to Curve, you’ll both receive £5 in Curve Cash once you’ve both made your first transaction! ... Read more

Posted on 09-07-2020

5 GBP BONUS! Use Curve card you get all your cards in one + 1% cashback for every transaction at your favourite stores. Sign up with code    NRYWP54E   and get   |||  £5  bonus  ||| ... Read more

Posted on 09-07-2020

Get £5 / 6€ with Code: N7XP42VN Sign up with this promo code and get your Curve card for amazing exchange fees abroad and £5 to spend anywhere! Code: N7XP42VN Link: ... Read more

Posted on 09-07-2020

Got multiple debit/credit cards, and suffers from the hassle of carrying all of them? Curve got you covered. One Card for All! Just try & see if it helps you. Bonus! you get £5 just by using my link to join Curve! Win-win!   En ... Read more

Posted on 09-07-2020

Hi guys, Get £5 when you sign up and order Curve card free of charges. Make any purchase using this card and £5 will appear on your card. Please use: Code - NVJGRM6N, Link - Thanks.  ... Read more

Posted on 08-07-2020

Get £5 which you can spend anywhere with your new Curve card and get 90 days of 1% cashback on all your spending when you register using this promo code : ZLG11 Curve - Your cards, in one place. Your money, simplified. Curve helps you spend ... Read more

Posted on 08-07-2020

Hi, You can get £5 when you sign up using this link: or enter a code: DPMXYG9D If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance :) ... Read more

Posted on 08-07-2020

Instant Gift £/€5! or equivalent in your currency! After Sign up connect with card N26 Monese or Revolut pay for something, No to much  you get it after any transaction even Less than 1€.  Easy Sign up without ID  Without Video ! Free bank ac ... Read more

Posted on 08-07-2020

Get £5 / 6€ with Code: N3AQQA4D Sign up with this promo code and get your Curve card for amazing exchange fees abroad and £5 to spend anywhere! Code: N3AQQA4D Link: ... Read more

Posted on 08-07-2020

Get £5 when you sign up using this link:  or enter a code: N7XW79GN Then you can invite more frinds and win £5 for invitation. If you have any questions or need further information, please ... Read more

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Curve is 2019 and beyond’s way of spending and using money and it’s only waiting for you.

Curve is the new and futuristic digital payment and card holder. Curve allows you through their app to centralize all of your cards, professional and personal for easiness and safety. You’re always carrying all of your payment options with no risk of physical loss or theft.

Curve allows you to pay with whichever card suits best which payment and will provide you with a Curve card for to allow you to do that. Keep your finances safe with Curve.

Curve’s goals is for its’ consumers to have a better control of their money and spending, rather than more cards and affiliated banks. With Curve, you’re the one that decides which option is best. Available on Android and Apple, Curve is an application that comes everywhere with you.

Download it today to start spending better and smarter. Sign up by filling out the required information and add all of your desired cards to the app to start spending. Now, for each payment, you can choose which one is going to paying the bill!

Get instant 1% cashback every time you spend with your Curve Mastercard® at over 50 retailers in the UK and abroad including Apple, Amazon, Uber, Tesco, TFL and more. Everyone in 2019 travels and spends in different countries, currencies and shops. Curve has set-up a fees free option on payments for over 200 currencies, so there’s never any bad surprises, especially when traveling!

Because small spends and a generally busy lifestyle makes it hard for everyone to see exactly where their funds are being spent, Curve sets up an automatic categorization of your spending, so you can easily keep an eye on every action.

Every time you use one of your card on the app, you’ll get an instant notification. Curve also allows to block and unblock your Curve physical card at any time, so it’s always safe and sound, even if it’s momentarily not with you.

Even more exciting, if you had an accident and used the wrong card with the wrong funds, Curve lets you go back in time to change the card used for the expense. This allows business and personal to get mixed up, you can fix the mistakes!

For every spend, Curve gets you cash back from selected retailers, all available online. All of the additional information is available on their comprehensive website and FAQ page, to answer all of any further questions you may have.

Get your Curve today, spend and save faster and smarter.

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Mark added on 12-06-2020 - Mark given for the referrer Pamodukan : 10 / 10

Pamodukan is very helpful, answered all my questions, and the code worked perfectly. Thank you!


Mark added on 27-05-2020 - Mark given for the referrer ioana911 : 10 / 10

Awesome great refferer


Mark added on 01-03-2020 - Mark given for the referrer Pamodukan : 10 / 10

Promo code on Viainvest worked as it should. I invested 50 euros and received 10 euros. Thank you.


Mark added on 03-07-2019 - Mark given for the referrer RWWorld : 10 / 10

Great sponsor with lots of different ads to choose from


Mark added on 02-03-2019 - Mark given for the referrer Pluro : 10 / 10

Great Referrer - thank you

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