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Posted on 05-10-2022

Hi, want to join me at Chase UK?  I've used them for a few months and can highly recommend them, We'll both get £20 when you join, pay in just £20 and activate your rewards Please use my link to get started: or if you ... Read more

Posted on 11-06-2022

All you need to do is to click the link ( download the app, and transfer at least £20 to your account and we both get £20 credit :)    Cheers!           ... Read more

Posted on 07-06-2022

Hey, want to join me at Chase UK? We'll both get £20 when you join and pay in £20. Get started just use the referral link. Rewards when you spend, with 1% cashback Rewards when you save, with 1.5% interest Power up your round-ups with 5% interest ... Read more

Posted on 07-06-2022

ENDING JUNE 7th! Get a 20£ welcome bonus + 1% cashback on all spending when you sign up for a Chase UK debit card and pay in at least £20. You can also open a savings account that pays an incredible 1.5% interest. The debit card has no fees for abroad spendi ... Read more

Posted on 06-06-2022

Get instant £20 free cash after sign up! 1. Use my link to download the app : 2. If asked for a referral or promo code use 13yCbLox 3. Complete the short sign up form and wait for it to open 4. Go to the 'R ... Read more

Posted on 05-06-2022

Hey, want to join me at Chase UK? We'll both get £20 when you join and pay in £20. You also get 1% back on debit card purchases and 5% interest on roundups.    You can also refer friends and family and earn up to £400 yourself! T&C apply   IG @do ... Read more

Posted on 03-06-2022

If you're new to the Bank or already signed up. Get £20...for free!!! Use this code hYvCFiSj if you already have the app, or this direct link if you are newly signing up. Either way, we'll both get £20 once you pay in £20. Get started: ... Read more

Posted on 03-06-2022

Hi, thanks for using my referral code Want to join me at Chase UK? We'll both get £20 when you join and pay in £20. Get started: wmP8vKKJ. T&Cs apply.   ... Read more

Posted on 02-06-2022

Hey, want to join me at Chase UK? We'll both get £20 when you join and pay in £20. Been using them as a day to day account since February 1% cash back on card purchases for a year 1.5% savings accounts 5% round up account on card purchases Join them, use referral cod ... Read more

Posted on 01-06-2022

Chase Bank UK Mobile App. This refer code and receive £20 when you sign up Chase is fantastic, I've been using it for about 2 months now and it's better then any other UK bank at the moment. Give it a go if you like it great if you don't you can cancel it. 1.5% interest on an ... Read more

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Chase Bank have just opened up in the UK – why not check out their offers?

Chase Bank is already quite big in the United States – actually, it is the largest consumer bank over there. That must mean they have something going for them! Now, they are opening up a branch in the United Kingdom. This means that you get to benefit from accounts without fees, cashback, and more!

First of all, when you sign up with Chase Bank, you will get access to 1% debit card cashback for twelve whole months. If you fancy saving up, and getting a little bit of money back each time you spend, this will definitely suit your needs. What is more, you will not encounter any fees when trying to spend money abroad. Perhaps the time for travelling has arrived, has it not?

That’s not all, Chase are also very keen on security, and that is why your card will not have a long card number written across it. All the information for your card is stored in the app, safely locked away on your phone. That’s pretty good news if you lose your credit card – just remember to not lose your phone…

If you are a fan of saving up without really realising, Chase Bank have something you might find interesting. Their round-up feature, if you choose to activate it, saves the difference between what you spend and the nearest pound – and send it straight to saving up pots. These pots even earn 5% AER interest! That is not something which many other banks would do.

What is more, they make budgeting easier with the possibility of opening up different accounts depending on your different needs. You can budget all your money for food, separately from your money for transport, savings, etc. This makes it really easy to see what goes where, and will probably help you have a clearer idea of your finances!

Finally, Chase bank are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which means that if the bank had problems staying open, up to £85 000 of your money would be safe. What is more, they are available 24/7 for any issues relating to fraud, and your card can be frozen instantly if you lose it or have any doubts that someone is using your information without your consent.

All in all, Chase sounds like a pretty safe bet to open an account, with a fair amount of perks that you can take advantage of right now. Have a look at their website to find out more, and start signing up if you find what you need.

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