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Posted on 21-02-2021

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Whistles’ has all you might need in terms of comfortable, stylish women’s clothing.

  If you are into cool, large denim jeans, or even if you are more of a cute, flower-print dress gal, Whistles has the perfect balance between comfortable and stylish that will soon invade your wardrobe. When you arrive on their website, you can browse between different categories. Their offer is quite vast! Clothing, shoes, accessories, they have a ton of collections for each. Why not look around from the comfort of your home, and pick out a nice gift for yourself or one of the women in your life?

  Right now, their spring collection is up and as the warmer days arrive, light colours to reflect the mood of spring will surely make their ways into your closet. Whistles aim to make clothes for busy women, stylish clothes that fit into their every day work schedule seamlessly. This means that most of their collections make a statement by… understating. Cleverly designed, this brand is gaining importance in their domain. Have a look at their shoes, dresses, earring and more to see if you agree!

  What’s more, Whistles has an “inspiration” page that presents you with lookbooks, interviews, music, news, arts and culture as well as fashion and trends articles to nourish your creative side. Who said being busy should lessen your sense of style? Whistles is more than just a clothing brand, it wants to inspire you to dress in a more thoughtful way. Why not, after all? You might discover your next favourite band or artist while doing online shopping, who knew! They even have a couple of recipes that could leave your guests speechless.

They also have a sense of responsibility in terms of their environmental impact, and are devising a strategy. By 2025, they hope to be sustainable throughout their corporate identity. Of course, this seems to be a trend at the moment, but if they make clothes that you can and want to keep for a long time, that is a first step.

In more practical terms, their delivery options are free for orders over £100 and your package will arrive in 7 days. You can also opt for their express delivery, which is a few pounds extra, but your clothes will arrive in just 2 to 3 days!

All in all, Whistles makes clothes for busy women, enhancing their sense of style. Have a look at their website to find out more!

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