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At Boden, you get beautiful, comfortable, casual or smart clothes… and they are made sustainably!

The first thing you will notice on their website is how the “Men”, “Women”, “Girls”, “Boys”, and “Baby” sections are shouldered by a “Sustainability” section. Not only are the clothes fashionable, but they are proudly sustainable. What more is there to ask for? To prove that Boden is committed to what they do, they have set up a 365-day warranty for all of their items of clothing. Of course, that is a strict minimum, and they hope that their clothes will accompany you for longer than that. In the meantime, however, you can lose as many buttons or rip as many seams as you want; they will mend it for you in no time, and free of charge!

A funny story is that they leave space for at least four names on the kids’ coats, because they know the coat will be passed on and reused. Isn’t that nice?

Now, what is it you need? Because Boden have practically everything you might need, season after season. Dresses, coats and jackets, knitwear, nightwear, leggings, tops and t-shirts, shoes, underwear, boots, trainers, and so on and so forth! Their clothes are at times very colourful, and full of joy. Want to make your outfit match the autumn leaves outside your window? Or on the contrary, break the dullness of winter with a spark of colour on your coat? Well, Boden probably has what you are looking for.

Their website is also well-made, informative and easy to use! When it comes to choosing a t-shirt for instance, there is a helpful filter bar at the top of the screen. This way, you can choose to see only the items that match your exact search. Long sleeves, short sleeves, ¾ sleeves, colour, size, style… see what they have that matches what you had in mind, simply and easily.

Now for the practical side of things. Boden delivers your bundles of joy to your doorstep for free if your order is over £30. You can also opt for click and collect for free, at any of the Boden stores. What’s more, they offer free returns. If what you clicked on is not quite what you had in mind, or the size is not right, simply send the clothes back to Boden and get a refund!

Want to find out more about their clothes and the sustainability that they promote? Head to the Boden website and find out more.

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