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Posted on 27-10-2020

MGMFPGU5R - Coupon code that gives you a 10€ discount on all the We Are Knitters website. We Are Knitters is the perfect site to find everything you need in knitting for beginners with all kinds of kits as well as for experienced knitters with quality patterns and wools. Happy knitting to you! ... Read more

Posted on 19-04-2020

Hello ! Thanks to my referral code, you can get a 10€ discount from your first purchase on We are knitters, which sells quality knitting kits and material. Completely recommend it ! Copy my code : MGMKE9TTU Have fun! ... Read more

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We Are Knitters is the final push you needed to start knitting your own clothes

We are Knitters provide you with the knitting kits to make the clothes you would usually buy. Browse their website according to the garment you want, and receive the kit to make it! From scarfs, to blankets, to tops, to beanies, or even cardigans and vests, you can wrap up warm in an item you made with your own hands. Or, you can use your time, patience and skill to knit items of clothing for your loved ones. It’s up to you!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced knitter, We are Knitters have videos, kits and templates that will suit your skills and patience. Get your hands to work!

That’s not all. We are Knitters also provide a bunch of different materials you might need to knit up the items you dream up on your own! You don’t always need a template and an idea. Browse their different categories in search of the kits, supplies, bundles or WAKcessories that will make your knitting possible (and enjoyable).

What’s more, all their products are sustainable. That’s also why they encourage you to make your own clothes: it is more sustainable! The planet and the economy needs each and every one to do their part in contributing to preserving societies that function healthily. Making your own clothes from sustainable products is a great way to do so! And, it is pretty fun.

More than just a commercial brand, We are Knitters is a global community. On their website, you can join Knitting Parties. Knit with people around you and meet like-minded individuals while enjoying some tea and honing your knitting skills. Why not? You will be left with a sense of achievement, and a very comfortable and soft blanket to rest on. If you are feeling really up to it, you can even host a party!

All payments are extremely secure, and they offer free shipping on deliveries above £70. In case there is an issue with your order, you have 14 days to return it. Once you have decided what you want to make, or which supplies you want to buy, you can expect them at your doorstep within 5 to 6 days.

We are Knitting are a great way to be more involved in your own style. How often do you make your clothes from scratch? Learn, enjoy, and share exciting moments with this new way of shopping. Want to find out more? Find them on Instagram or browse their website for inspiration. Get knitting!

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