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Purchasing a Railcard for a yearly fee will offer value for money and enable train passengers in the UK to purchase a train ticket on the National Rail Network at a reduced rate, from 33% off the price of an adult fare and up to 60% off a kid’s fare (for Family & Friends Railcard only). Basically, the cost of your Railcard will have paid for itself after one or two trips.

How National Railcards can get you discounts on train tickets On the Railcard website you will find more information about the different types of Railcards sold online and their criteria for eligibility. You can also buy them at most station in the UK. There are currently 6 different Railcards applicable for different types of public so you’ll have to check whether you qualify before you apply. Also remember that some of them can be used 24/7 but others only outside of peak times. Remember that you must always carry your Railcard with you on your train journey to be able to claim your discount rate. Each card costs between £20 and £30 for a whole year. If you buy any of this card online, you will need to provide reference number of a proof of ID and a digital photo.

  • The Two Together Railcard gives two identified persons aged 16 and over 33% off Standard and First-Class rail fares anytime when they travel together in the same train
  • The 16-25 Railcard enables young person in this age bracket or full time-student to get 1/3 off most rail fares throughout Great Britain. Customers can get a 3-year Railcard at a discounted price of £70
  • The Family & Friends Railcard is ideal for your weekend getaways as it gives you a 33% discount on most adult fares and 60% off children’s fares for a family or group of up to four adults and four kids. This preferred rate excludes train trips during morning peak period services
  • The Network Railcard enables you to explore London and the South East area by saving 34% on the fares for journeys within the entire Network Railcard for anyone above 16 years old
  • If you’re 60 or over, you are eligible for a Senior Railcard gives you 1/3 off most Standard and First-Class rail fares throughout the country. With this card you can take advantage of other Network Rail partner offers, giving you exclusive discounts across the UK
  • Disabled Persons suffering from a visual or hearing impairment, epilepsy, or others disability that make travelling by train difficult are eligible for the Disabled Persons Railcard and obtains 1/3 off most First Class and standard rail fares throughout the country

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