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Need a warranty for your car, bike, or van? Get a quote in under a minute with Warranty Direct!

With more than 3500 garages in their network, Warranty Direct offers quality warranties for your 2 or 4 wheel vehicles. They have been doing this for 20 years, so they really know what they are doing! All you need to do to find out how much the warranty will cost you is to enter your details on their website. Once you have a quote, you can choose between a few options which one suits you best. Then, buy the cover, and ride safely without a worry to work every day.

They have 4 stars on Trustpilot, and if you visit their website, you will see the satisfied comments that customers have left them. These customers are often loyal and return year after year to renew their warranties. It must mean they are getting something right! Warranty direct are of course authorised by the FCA. What is more, you have the option of paying in monthly instalments, or via Paypal if that is easier for you. All that matters is that your car, bike, or van has a good warranty, to make it last for as long as possible without the repairs costing you too much!

Their warranty covers against wear and tear, which is a good plus. However, not all of their options protect you if your car is stolen, or an accident results in the complete loss of your car. To be safe and sound even in these situations, you can opt for Warranty Direct’s GAP insurance. This way, the entire value of your car is covered, no matter what happens to it!

Let’s see what your options are if you are looking for a warranty for your car. You can choose between “Core”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced” and “Ultimate” plans of cover. What’s the difference? The Core option only covers the engine, gearbox and transmission, casings, Electronic Control Units (ECUs), the Supercharger and Turbocharger, as well as Flywheels and drive plates. The Intermediate covers all of the above, plus the air conditioning, clutch, electrics, the fuel system and the ignition system. The Advanced is a step above that, and the Ultimate practically covers all of the components of your car. Depending on how you use your car and how old it is, your needs will be different!

Head to Warranty Direct’s website for more information.

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