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Posted on 30-08-2022

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Posted on 13-08-2021

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Drive Now is the exclusive upgrade of the ride-hailing apps, just pick up a car and start driving!

Drive Now is a membership app that allows you to book a car near you whenever you need it and drop it back off when you’re done. A simple way to travel without the cost of owning your own vehicle, you’re going to be able to speed through the city and avoid the metro without breaking the bank!

Available in London and multiple cities across Europe, you’ll be able to tour all the sights with ease this summer!

To sign up with Drive Now and enjoy access to their amazing car services, create an account on the app or online. You’ll need to provide a copy of your license and credit card details. The membership fee is very attractive and a lifetime one too! Sign up with pictures if you don’t have UK ID.

When your account is activated, you’ll be able to reserve the car closest to you that shines green for a go. Enter your destination for a flat fee per minute or hire the car hourly or daily, to enjoy the freedom of roaming around the city as you wish.

Book the car in advance too if you know where and when you’ll need it. All Drive Now cars are BMW or Mini models, depending on your preference and availability. Drive Now takes great care of all of their fleet, you’ll always find them in the most perfect condition to boost off to your new adventures!

All the cars can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. Drive Now has a specific section where you can leave the vehicle in the city, the map’s available on the app of course. You can also keep the car if you’ve got to run an errand with a small fee per minute and have it waiting for you when you’re done.

You can keep the car on hold outside of their Drive Now zone if you need but won’t be able to park it. All rates for every situation are available online and on the app as well as their FAQ page, for you to consult at any time for any action or question.

Available as a service for personal use as well as for businesses, it’s a perfect option for all traveling employees to get around too! Drive Now!

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