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Posted on 11-09-2021

Hello! Looking for some cute sustainable razors? Look no further! Including personal ingraving on your razor and a shower holder.  Using my link you will receive 3 pounds off your first box (and I'll receive 3 pounds credit). Hope you'll consider using it, thank you :) ... Read more

Posted on 30-06-2021

Get £3 off your first order with this code.    FFS Beauty is an award-winning female grooming company that offers high-quality shaving and grooming products at an exceptional value. Our retail packaging is 100% plastic free and we offer a razor blade recycling scheme for all cust ... Read more

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FFS Beauty carefully crafts razors for women like you have never seen before!

FFS Beauty sells razors that are a lot more individualised and glamorous than your average razor. Initially designed as a product for men, FFS Beauty claims that women have been shaving with the wrong kind of razors this whole time. Instead, they present a wide range of razors that have been designed to take care of the legs of the women using them. Ready to find out more? Head to their website to discover the delightful details of the women-oriented razors they have on offer.

To begin with, their razors have a metal handle, so that you can switch out the blades but reuse the same, reliable handle. This is also a way for them to take care of the environment! That’s not all, their blades are also diamond-coated and extremely precise. Oh, and the most important feature on there is a vitamin E lubrication strip that keeps your legs as smooth as they can be. Sounds like a different experience to low quality, plastic razors that can usually be found in shops, right?

They also sell an array of beauty and hygiene products like on Lookfantastic, such as shaving lotions, balms and even natural deodorant. Which would you pick between rosemary and bergamot, tea tree and orange, or unscented deodorant? Try them each one by one to find out which suits you best. Their prices are also extremely reasonable. When it comes to delivery, their packages can take between 7 and 10 working days to arrive, and anything over £6 is delivered for free!

What else is there to know? From their blades to their lotions to their packaging, everything is recyclable. FFS Beauty even has a recycling scheme where you can save up your blades, and send them in packs of 12 to an address they give you. After that, FFS Beauty does the rest, and safely recycles these blades for you! It doesn’t stop there, all of their cardboard is recycled as well, and many of their products are packaged with bamboo-based materials.

So, what is FFS Beauty really about? Well, after buying these special razors, beauty is meant to be effortless. This brand is proud to encourage women to find their natural beauty and bask in it, as well as making high quality products that do not damage the environment.

Sounds like a brand that suits your needs? Head to their website to find out more, and order some of their soft razors.

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