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Posted on 19-09-2020

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Posted on 18-09-2020

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Posted on 14-09-2020

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Posted on 08-09-2020

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Posted on 27-08-2020

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Posted on 12-08-2020

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Posted on 11-08-2020

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Lookfantastic was founded in 1996 and is today the United Kingdom’s leading online premium beauty retailer. Lookfantastic’s website was launched in 2014 and has become the most successful online reference in Europe for beauty care. provides a wide range of beauty care products for men and women including skincare, makeup, nails, hair and body care, organic, fragrance but also electronic devices such as hair straighteners or shavers or even home decoration like candles. delivers over 22,000 products with international free shipping to more than 200 countries and frequently updates its online catalog with exclusive gifts, limited edition beauty boxes including the top products of the moment, promotional offers on prestigious brands products, and fantastic members’ rewards.

Through its unparalleled expertise and advanced technology, is a full success and counted more than 10 million monthly visitors in 2017, including 71% of international.
Becoming one of the best known beauty websites in Europe, Lookfantastic is today a key partner for various renowned brands such as Urban Decay, MAC, Maybelline, Kerastase, Redken, Yves Saint Laurent or Hugo Boss.

Consistently expanding its partnerships with luxury brands and with a high capacity to evolve rapidly, Lookfantastic is permanently willing to be innovative and to adapt to new trends: by increasingly welcoming vegan and organic beauty brands as partners, in particular as regards skin, hair and body care, Lookfantastic expresses a strong desire to cater the beauty needs and concerns of every single person.

By using integrated technology as a leverage, notably through new and attracting insights, Lookfantastic truly wishes to create awesome and memorable customer experiences by drawing people’s attention both on the creativity and the high quality of the products, which are tested, assessed and approved by a team of technical experts (who are themselves regularly trained by the partners). Lookfantastic is fully committed to initiate and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What really matters to Lookfantastic is expanding access to premium beauty, fostering and raising men and women’s awareness all around the world, acting as a true leader, a key influencer and having an actual impact on the online beauty movement.

Devoted to convey the very best about beauty, Lookfantastic also has an online blog led conducted by a team of experts that provides followers with beauty tips, answers to frequently asked questions and information of all kinds in order to help every single person to look and feel fantastic.

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Mark added on 21-05-2020 - Mark given for the referrer Stevie4193 : 10 / 10

Hi, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used your code!!! nice and easy. Brilliant. Links worked for me!!!!!! Thanks, SS. xxxxxx


Mark added on 21-05-2020 - Mark given for the referrer SamSmith : 10 / 10

Fab referrer link worked great and got some money off!! Fab ! Thanks! If you see any posts by this person use them as they worked for me ! Thank you again


Mark added on 13-05-2019 - Mark given for the referrer John : 10 / 10

Great sponsor - thanks a lot for the valid code

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