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With headquarters in the Netherlands, online bank BinckBank has been in operation since 2000 serving savers and investors alike.

Binckbank offers services for a wide spectrum of clients, from companies to wealth managers, to independent customers. Their customers are widespread, including in the Netherlands, France and in Belgium, Spain and Italy.

The online services of the company allows their customers to review the markets online with expert trading and analysis equipment. The process of investing in funds is also made much more simple and transparent by the feature Binck Fundcoach. The company also offers products which allow customers to authorise the investment of their capital by BinckBank and there is a special service for savers, which facilitates entrance to the world of international savings.

Binckbank are passionate about serving their customers to the highest level. They believe in the importance of financial independence and at the heart of their ethos is instructing and encouraging their customers to develop to a point where they can keep and manage their own assets. They desire that the products and services they provide and develop will help their customers to do this.

The company is also passionate about corporate social responsibility and have a policy for this which is shown in detail on their website. One important facet of this is the importance to the company of sustainable investing.

Indeed, the company website has a host of useful information. You can find here details on the organisation of the business, on the executive and supervisory board and the history of Binckbank. You can also keep up to date with everything happening at the business via the calendar events. In particular, investors can check out the section on investor relations to keep updated with the latest developments.

On the company website you can also read previous press releases pertaining to the company and financial reports. To receive the most recent updates, you can subscribe to BinckBank by entering your contact information.

BinckBank can be contacted in various ways. Itemised contact details are available, depending on the service that you require and which country you are in, from investor relations to media and press, and customer services. Email and telephone contact details are available on the company website.

According to figures published on the company website, customers in 2017 rated their levels of satisfaction with BinckBank as being 7.5 out of 10.

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