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VOI offers self-service electric scooters in several European cities!

Nice and fun as a new mode of transport, to get around town, alone, with family or friends! Choosing the scooter as a mode of transport in urban areas means saving time, money and respecting the environment! No more nuisance and pollution, you will get around easily and cleanly!

VOI is currently present in France in our beautiful capital, in Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Would you like to try the VOI adventure? It's easy! You can download the free application onto your smartphone in just a few clicks to find the VOI terminal nearest you!

The application is very easy to use and gives you the location of the scooters, their remaining battery and allows you to unlock the machines by scanning a QR code.

The VOI scooter will allow you to move around Paris quickly and easily! Driving it is child's play! You accelerate with the green button and brake with the red button! Nothing could be more complicated! As far as speed is concerned, the VOI reaches a maximum of 23 km/h! That's not enough to turn you around, but it's enough to avoid traffic jams and get you everywhere! You'll never be late for your appointments again!

On the other hand, with VOI you can become a Hunter! In short, VOI pays you every time you commit to charging a scooter! It's a great little job to make ends meet! An ideal job for students, job seekers or simply to supplement your income!

How does it work? Of course you need to have a driving licence to be able to collect VOIs to recharge! Hunters use vans, 4x4s, cars and cargo bikes to collect the scooters to be charged!

Once they are recharged you have to deploy them for the next morning. The more active you are the more you get paid! So always be on the lookout for scooters to charge in order to make a good income! You will get paid every weekend!

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