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Posted on 22-03-2022

Pay no joining fee when you join Third Space in March 2022 only. The joining fee of about £100 will be waived. Contact me directly for details ... Read more

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Are you looking for the perfect club to train and improve at? Third Space is an option you should consider.

  Their website is full of inspiring photographs of athletes - which you could be tomorrow! By signing up to this club, you open the doors for a healthy amount of training in your life. Whether you are an avid gym-goer or a newbie, you will want to know what Third Space has in store for you. 

First of all, Third Space has a whole fleet of luxury workout venues, tailored to make you feel like you own the space. They know that the difference between a good and a bad day in a crazy city like London can rely on how you exercise and let off steam. This is why they have created these perfect spaces for you to lose yourself in. 

You can choose between different forms of membership. These are called On Demand, Clubs, Classes, Training, and Spa. You can enjoy them individually, or combined! They also have virtual classes available for you, so that you can make the most of the membership you choose anywhere - your house, garden, the park on a nice day…  and so on. 

Their services are very easy to cancel or reschedule, so for those of you trying to fit a healthy workout routine in their busy schedules, not to worry! Third Space really tailors their classes or On Demand training to your needs. What’s more, their app allows you to track their performance, which gives you an extra reason to move your body and get in shape. You will have one extra thing to smile about tonight! Finally, their app sends you reminders of when to work out, which make the task that much easier for you.

If you feel like you are ready to find out more, head to their website! You will see the extent of what they have to offer. They have different clubs all over London, so find the one closest to your home and start changing your routine! 

On their website, you will also find amazing photos of their different locations, which will leave a lasting impression on you. Working out in such amazing spaces can really have an impact on how you live your day to day life! Head to their website for more info, there is no guarantee you won’t get hooked.

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