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Posted on 23-01-2021

Wine is better with friends. Share Wine List with your friends: they get 30% off, let us know and we'll give you £15. Share code FRIENDS now.  Looks like you have to message me so I can ask for my referal bonus.  I have just signed up so not sure how good they are yet.. ... Read more

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The Wine List is a very enjoyable way of discovering new wines, as well as learning about them.

The Wine List is a monthly subscription where you receive two bottles of wines, as well as the material that is necessary to learn about them. What exactly does that mean? Well, you will probably have heard someone say about wine, “I don’t know anything about wine, but…”. Why does it matter so much to have knowledge regarding wine?

Because depending on the region the wine came from, the country it was made in, and even the type of barrels it matured in, the wine will taste completely different. It will go well with certain types of meat, but not with fish, or can accompany spicy foods but not desert. Since wine takes so long to mature and prepare, every bottle is a little like a work of art. In order to really appreciate everything that is going on in terms of flavours, colour, and smell, a little guidance can really be useful. Especially when the prices for wines can be extremely high!

So, the founder of The Wine List has decided to make this guidance and knowledge accessible to all, by creating this start up. By receiving two bottles of wine a month, as well as exercises where you will have to identify the balance of the wine, its acidity, as well as its different flavours (which are linked to a specific vocabulary), you can finally appreciate all the wine that is out there in a more informed way.

Just like poetry, for instance, which you cannot appreciate before you fully know the language it is written in, learning how to put words on the different tastes that are present in wines will give you a whole new appreciation of the variations between bottles. All this, from your home!

All you need to do is sign up on their website, and your monthly subscription will start. Lay back, and wait for two rare bottles to come to your doorstep every month. This also an entirely different way of consuming alcohol; it remains a relaxing venture, but your health need not be harmed by it. Two bottles of wine a month, shared with your friends, family or partner, is a reasonable amount. Instead, the pleasure you will have will come from developing your taste buds and nose by confronting them with something new! Want to have a try? Head to their website to find out more.

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