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Posted on 02-12-2019

Hi,  Syft is a company which helps people to find work into the service area (Waiter, Chief, Kitchen-Porter, Bar-back, Barista, Bartender, etc...).  If you haven't done a mission with Syft yet, you can go on your Syft App, on your profile you click on settings, then on "Prom ... Read more

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Syft is the future of temporary recruitment!

This app is a meeting place for those looking for temporary jobs, and those offering them. Through their use of technology, Syft enables everyone to benefit from the situation: employers know who they’re paying and why they’re paying them, and employees can find jobs more easily, and earn higher wages. Basically, instead of finding it expensive to find temporary workers, employers find it cheap and easy, so they can invest more in the actual employees!

The industrial, hospitality and events sectors are key markets for this life-changing app. Imagine having all your temporary job opportunities on one, simple application, and knowing exactly who’s employing you, as well as being able to easily communicate with them about what they expect, i.e in the events sector what kind of clothes you should wear. So far, Syft has launched in London, and has growing branches in many other cities in the UK, like Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Compared to a usual temp agency, Syft enables employers to save close to 55% in fees! That’s the key to better temporary jobs for employers and employees. With Syft, all the costs are transparent, so that you’re always clear on what you’re paying for, and you can trust their system.

For job seekers, you go through a verification process (experience, skills, and legal compliance). From there, you can start choosing job opportunities that comply with the shifts that you want to work. This way, each and every one’s individual lifestyle can be compatible with temporary work. You alone get to choose when you work!

What’s more, the pay rate on Syft is remarkably higher than the industry average. Hard work is hard work, and it should be remunerated! As a plus, workers who take on shifts through Syft also learn from experience, and the quality of their work goes up with time. That’s also why this app is great: it ensures your hard work is valued over time, too.

Syft won the Recruiter Award of the Year in 2018, and they’re on their way to high places. The skill with which they carried out this idea that betters the workplace ensures you have the best experience with their app, whether as an employer or an employee. If you’re looking for good quality jobs above the average pay rate, Syft is the platform you’ve been looking for.

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