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Posted on 27-10-2020

Get 2 free credits with your first order at Simplycard! Use: YZJDFUMM Simplycard allows you to send cards from your mobile or tablet. Take a picture of your holidays and send it as postcard to your family and friends! No need to go to the postoffice anymore! ... Read more

Posted on 27-10-2020

Use the code SXALCEGZ to get 2 free credits on the simply card application.  Perfect for everyone :) Download the SIMPLYCARDS application on your mobile, it will allow you to create real personalised postcards which are then printed and sent by La Poste.   Use this promo code t ... Read more

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SimplyCards allows you to rediscover the emotion of a postcard with the speed of a smartphone.

SimplyCards is the great application that allows travellers and press people to send real postcards to their loved ones, for special occasions or just to say hello directly from their mobile phone.

The ease of SimplyCards means that you don't have to search for P.O. boxes or forget to send anything, so you can stay closer, more easily! Do you often think about sending postcards of your adventures and forget every time? Then SimplyCards is for you! SimplyCards allow you to share and communicate moments of your life with your loved ones in the fastest way possible! More unique than a message today, the postcard is making a comeback. The SimplyCards application is simple and easy to use, for prompt sending and happy reception! Choose the photo you want to use directly on your phone, which you can then modify as you wish, whether it be for colours, text or emojis! Then write the text you want to be printed on the back, you even have the option to choose the photo that will be used as a stamp! Now all you have to do is add the recipient's address and SimplyCards takes care of the rest. You can choose the photo from multiple sources from your mobile or take a new photo. SimplyCards gives you the choice of font and you can even sign the card manually.

The postcard includes a QR code that allows the recipient to save the photo and send you a message back. Several card sizes are available and you can send it to several recipients at the same time! In addition, the addresses of your contacts on your phone are directly added and as soon as the card is gone, you will receive a confirmation email.

. SimplyCards promises incredible photo resolution, regular quality control and speedy delivery. What's more, everything is done in Grenoble, France and customers are all more than satisfied!
You can follow SimplyCards on social networks and if you have any questions, an FAQ page has been made available online. An email address is also available if you wish to get in touch directly.

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