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Posted on 05-10-2020

Save 10$ on your first Bill. Just Put tge Code inside your Shop and you will save instantly 10$ in your First bill. Very  easy With Shadow, you experience the future of gaming now. Our technology: The computing power is in our data centers, you get perfect picture and sound via your in ... Read more

Posted on 02-09-2020

Apply this promo code to get $10 Off your first month of shadow subscription this will help you experience shadow pc great gaming and streaming service with less money spent  hope you all have a great time with the discount  ... Read more

Posted on 20-08-2020

Hello, you can get a $10 or $15 discount using this code, come on, go and get it.  Code: ALEP1CSA Here is a fresh working promo code for $10/€10 discount: ALEP1CSA ALEP1CSA ALEP1CSA For every friend you refer, you get $1 off of your monthly fee up to your full monthl ... Read more

Posted on 21-04-2020

Code : GUIRP93E Bonjour tout le monde, 15 euros avec le code GUIRP93E sur l'offre infinite ! 10 euros avec le code GUIRP93E sur l'offre ultra ! 5 euros avec le code GUIRP93E sur l'offre boost ! Si vous souscrivez à Shadow avec mon code promo, c'est 10 euros de moins ... Read more

Posted on 16-04-2020

Shadow discount coupon of 10€/GPB on your first month for free using this code: CHIZMGBI Shadow: A pc remote gamer available thanks to an internet connection. No more "hardware" at home, everything is decentralized in a DataCenter. A keyboard, a screen, a mouse and all the big ... Read more

Posted on 12-04-2020

Code: RIZLPS2L  Here is a fresh working promo code for £10/€10 discount: RIZLPS2L RIZLPS2L RIZLPS2L For every friend you refer, you get £1 off of your monthly fee up to your full monthly fee, as long as your friends maintain their Shadow subscription. W ... Read more

Posted on 28-03-2020

Code: SAM863EL Use this referral code to get a nice chunk off your shadow bill - your ticket to next-gen cloud gaming! YOUR gift from the SHADOW MAN! :-) Code: SAM863EL Code: SAM863EL SAM863EL SAM863EL ... Read more

Posted on 27-03-2020

Here is a fresh working promo code for £10/€10 discount: DOGJA46U. Shadow is a great cloud platform to play any game on a remote PC without needing to spend thousands on a gaming setup. You can refer your friends to give them a huge discount and a small amount for yourself. Just ... Read more

Posted on 21-01-2020

Refer/Promo code: GABQNZKJ Get 10€ discont on Valid also for monthly fee, available in Netherlands now! Get 10€ discont on Valid also for monthly fee, available in Netherlands now! Refer/Promo code: GABQNZKJ ... Read more

Posted on 15-09-2019

Shadow PC - one of the best Cloud Gaming solutions up to date on the market. Shadow PC - very powerful cloud gaming machine, that you can gain access and take full control of it from anywhere. With Shadow, you can run any game or software on your old PC, Mac, smartphone, and even on you ... Read more

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Give you the ability to make a revolution in your devices without changing them : this is Shadow’s purpose.

The word « revolution » is not used superficially : your hardware problems put behind you with the simple download of an app, you will be able to turn any of your devices into a powerful and fast machine.

Nowadays, hardware limitations are representing a serious problem for everyone, especially about themoney needed to adapt our equipments to our wishes and ambitions. Shadow exactly understood that : this modern concept was born from the idea to replace the obscolescence of our devices with a better use of our high-speed internet connections, from 15 Mb/s.

The app, while active, is only streaming image and sound with your internet connection. In this way, you are upgrading your device’s skills with the first cloud based high-end PC, making it optimal for the latest games on any of your devices, with the best settings and quality, and of course with no restrictions to a type of game or use.

The website, available in different languages, is providing you all the details that you may need, from the tech specificities to the gaming experience. Most of all, you will always see a chat window on the bottom-right of your screen, here to help you with any question.
You can stay tuned every week with the most recent informations about Shadow’s offer if you subscribe to their email listing on their website, or directly subscribe to Shadow on the same website.

The platform is also explaining in a clear and simple way how you can use the app : download it on your favorite device, open the app in order to connect it to your Shadow account, then simply have funwith your new powerful gaming machine !

Moreover, Shadow is interested in your data security. His concept is based on a strict storing of your personal data in their secured data centers, accessible to no one except yourself.

Finally, within your account, you will join a whole entire community of Shadow users, including the latest news about the product, a forum, a youtube channel and other social medias.

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