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Posted on 25-11-2021

Rota is a company offering work shifts on demand usually as a waiter, warehouses or cleaning. When you use referral code and join the ROTA team of workers then for the first shift you do, an extra 10£ is added to the payslip. The more people you refer and the more we work, the better ... Read more

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If you are in need of a system to help you organise your staff, Rota is right for you.

Rota is a software that is useful for people-oriented businesses in various industries such as cleaning, hospitality, social care and many more sectors. It can be a real challenge to create the perfect schedule for your staff, and to manage any one-off changes. Why not get some help in the form of a practical software? That’s what Rota is all about!

So, what exactly can Rota do for you? Well, that’s easy. Rota can save you time and money, by making sure you set up a schedule that works for all your staff, making them individually more productive. A good schedule also means you can rely a lot less on temporary, external staff who can be more expensive and take longer to train.

What else? Your teams will be more engaged and better informed if they have access to this software. The same exact information can be distributed to several venues at once, making your communication effective and precise.

Finally, Rota can also come in handy when you have an unexpected need for external staff. Simply post an ad on Rota, and hire staff from your regular partners. This saves you the cost of training your external staff! What’s more, the ad will be for a specific amount of time, meaning you will not have to pay extra workers for longer than is necessary.

You can also enable your employees to check in and out via the software, digitally confirm timesheets, and overall better manage who is working with whom, where, and when. All this at the click of a finger, on your phone, tablet, or PC! Does that sound like a software that could help your business? If so, visit their website to find out more.

Their user friendly website gives you detailed information about what exactly you can achieve with Rota. If you are very interested, you can even book a demo online, and find out what exactly Rota can help you with. What’s more, Rota is also very useful if you are looking for a job! By downloading the app, you will have access to job offers around you, with all the info you need right at your fingertips. All in all, Rota makes it easier both for those hiring and those looking for a job to get what they want!

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