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Posted on 06-10-2022

Free £10 + £10 per referral with NatWest Rooster Money! NatWest Rooster Money is a pocket money manager, piggy bank, reward chart, savings tracker & chores app–made to help families teach kids about money & savings goals. They also have a prepaid Visa debit card for k ... Read more

Posted on 22-09-2022

A fantastic way to introduce money management to young children. Children get a debit card and access to an app. Can set up savings goals and you can't track their spending and set chores.   Cheaper than GoHenry and free for some bank customers! You will be given £10 bonus. ... Read more

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Roostermoney is a great way to teach your children about money and responsibility early in life. How? Read on to find out more!

Roostermoney offers different activities and services that can help you teach your kids about being responsible with chores as well as money. All of this through an app! Sounds cool, right? And it can save you a lot of time and energy in terms of organisation as well, so why not give it a shot?

At Roostermoney, they believe that money does not need to be a taboo. It is something that we will need to handle throughout our lives, so why not start learning about the right habits early on? There can be a balance between wanting to make everything about money, and refusing to acknowledge the importance that money has in our capitalist societies. Why not just see it as a tool that we have to deal with, inevitably?

So, here are a few examples of the ways in which Roostermoney can introduce the concept of saving up to your children, and make your life more simple. First of all, you can create an account for each of your children, and set a recurring amount of pocket money monthly, weekly, or whatever suits you best. That way, no more bickering about who has given how much to who! What is more, if you need to give extra money to one of your children in a one off sort of way, you can do that too! In the app, this is called giving them a “boost”.

What is more, you can “remove” money from their account when they spend it. That way, they can see in real time how buying one thing affects their chances of saving up for something else, and they can make their own decisions about what they want to buy. This can also save you more than one argument when you are shopping...

Then, there are different concepts based on the age of your children. For very young ones, aged 3 and over, you can start by creating a star reward system! This is a little smoother than starting to give them money at an age where they do not need it yet, but it can help create good habits in terms of effort and reward. Although, one needs to be careful: in real life, an effort is not always correctly rewarded, and the only aim of an effort is not always the reward!

Find out more about Roostermoney on their website, and see how this app could work in your family.

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