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Posted on 22-10-2021

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Pokémon Go is a well-known location-based mobile video game using augmented reality. You'll get hooked on it!

When it was launched in 2015 the game immediately became a social phenomenon and it has continued to evolve and renew itself afterwards!

The principle of the game is that the player controls an avatar. He can easily customise the appearance and outfit when the account is created, on a map of the surroundings using the player's geolocation. The player has to move with his phone to move around the game. From the phone, the player can observe the surroundings from a certain distance, which displays the various elements of the game in range: Pokémon, PokéStops and arenas. The player can discover the planet, capture Pokémon or battle in "arenas".

The game makes wild Pokémon appear around the player, in their native environments, with, for example, Water-type Pokémon appearing when near a watering hole. When the player encounters a Pokémon, the player's phone will vibrate to inform them of its presence. The player can then try to capture it using a Pokéball before the Pokémon moves away.
The process for capturing a Pokémon is as follows: The player taps on the Pokémon encountered. The player can then see the Pokémon and the Battle Points, called CPs, which give an idea of the Pokémon's strength or power. This allows the player to assess the Pokemon's chances of capture before starting the battle.

When a Pokémon is finally captured, the player gains candy specific to the evolutionary "family" of the captured Pokémon and Star Dust. The candy gives the player the ability to evolve their Pokémon to complete the Pokédex, but also to give them more power. Star Dust allows you to recharge Pokémon, and thus increase their level.

To win Pokéballs, the player must go to PokéStops represented by blue coloured objects and mentioned at a fixed location in the game, near historical and/or cultural places such as places of worship, town halls, museums, etc.

PokéStops have a PhotoDisc that the player spins until they can obtain Pokéballs and other items such as Potions, Berries, Reminders or Eggs and other items needed to run the game.

It should be noted that there are three teams that all have a different specialty on the Pokemon Go game: - Yellow Team called Intuition - Team Blue, known as Wisdom - Team Red, known as Bravery. The player chooses a team from level 5 onwards in the game.

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