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Posted on 23-07-2022

Get 40% off your first box Subscription and boxes easy to change on the account page. Gorgeous pasta sent to your door!  Discover the freshest, artisan Italian recipe kits with Pasta Evangelists. Featuring one-of-a-kind pasta recipes and top-quality Italian ingredients such as black ... Read more

Posted on 25-03-2022

£30 off Pasta Evangelists and a free cocktail kit for two!  Make restaurant quality pasta at home, from fresh, pre-portioned pasta to authentic sauces & garnishes sourced in Italy. The dishes are freshly prepared the day before & you are getting restaurant-quality ... Read more

Posted on 02-02-2022

40% off and free Prosecco with your first pasta evangelist order! Get two meals and drinks for less than £15.  Delicious meals for easy dinner times ? use my link ... Read more

Posted on 18-01-2022

I love Pasta Evangelists and I'm sure you will too. The offer does change, but at the time of writing (Jan 2022) the current dicount with referal is 40% off plus a free bottle of prosecco! ... Read more

Posted on 11-10-2021

Benvenuto! Because you have buoni amici you've got £20 off with your first box of handmade pasta dishes, delivered to your door. Buon appetito!  Simply enter your email address to receive your £20voucher now. ... Read more

Posted on 24-04-2021

Ciao, enjoy a free Malfy Gin Kit with your first taste of Pasta Evangelists! Benvenuto! Because you have buoni amici like Declan you've got a free Malfy Gin Kit with your first box of handmade pasta dishes, delivered to your door. Buon appetito!   Simply enter your email address ... Read more

Posted on 09-04-2021

Get £10 off your first order, and a FREE Malfy gin kit, PLUS 30% off on top of that when you subscribe to their newsletters! I’ll also get a reward too, so it’s win-win! Hurry though, this is a limited time offer - use this link before Sunday 11th April! Use this li ... Read more

Posted on 28-03-2021

Get 30% off your first order with my link!   I've been using the company for about 6 months and it's always really high quality with lots of good options each week. The delivery service is good, as is the packaging.    They regularly include freebies and samples fr ... Read more

Posted on 12-01-2021

** 30% off PASTA EVANGELIST ** If you're a pasta lover like me, you'll love these guys. Fresh pasta dishes, chosen by you, delivered direct to your door with no obligation.  Cook fresh and/or freeze for convenience. Top quality ingredients and you choose recipes and frequency, deliv ... Read more

Posted on 22-10-2020

Pasta Evangelist, featured on Dragons Den, are a London based company that deliver delicious, artisan pasta straight to your door. Fresh but with the option to freeze, it's an easy way to make high quality Italian food in your own kitchen.  Get £10 off your first order with my r ... Read more

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Are you ready to become a wonderful cook? Because with Pasta Evangelist, you will…

Pasta Evangelist is a company that delivers to your doorstep all the things you need for a delicious, authentic Italian pasta meal you can also find on Deliveroo. It is like going to the restaurant, except you assemble the ingredients together, and enjoy the delicious result at home. Your family, flatmate or friends will thank you!

So, you might not become a chef with this service, but you will taste delicious new flavours and spend some time preparing your food – just not as much as you would if you had to find all the complicated ingredients yourself in a store. Every week, 10 new and exciting dishes are available for you to order. Some of these dishes include pumpkin, speck and provola mezzelune with sage butter sauce, wild mushroom triangoli with truffle butter sauce, or even gnocchi with martina’s Sardinian Lamb Ragù. So now you can see why Pasta Evangelist is a good option: imagine trying to find all these ingredients in your local shops, it would not be easy!

On top of this, the pasta you receive from Pasta Evangelist has been freshly made. This guarantees a delicious taste, that you simply would not get from store-bought pasta! If you want to test them out, try to invite your Italian friend for dinner, and see how they react. If you receive a package but for whatever reason you cannot cook it on the night, simply freeze it in your refrigerator, and save it for later! Who would not want to have a delicious pasta meal frozen away, only minutes from becoming a hot and tasty meal when you need it most? What’s more, all their packaging is recyclable. Pop it in your recycling bin, and that’s that!

So, what exactly is included in a Pasta Evangelist box? That’s easy. All the ingredients you need (pasta, sauce and garnish) as well as instructions on how to cook these. Oh, and if you happen to be out when they deliver your pasta, not to worry. Simply have them deliver your package somewhere else, like a neighbour’s or the post office, and pick it up when you are free.

Have you got any more questions, or do you want to explore all of their delicious suggestions for this week? Head to their website to find out more. All in all, Pasta Evangelist will give you a real taste for Italian pasta.

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Avis ajouté le 24-08-2021 - note attribuée au parrain chefo91 : 10 / 10

Great referrer! Frequently adds new offers and replied to any queries I had.


Avis ajouté le 24-08-2021 - note attribuée au parrain chefo91 : 10 / 10

Great referrer! Frequently adds new offers and replied to any queries I had.

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