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Posted on 22-09-2020

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Posted on 20-09-2020

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Posted on 26-05-2020

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With Omio, travel Europe worry-free!

Omio is the perfect place for you to book your train, bus and flight tickets, whether you’re travelling in the United Kingdom, or beyond. What’s so good about them? They help you find the cheapest, fastest and best train bus and flight options, there and back. It would take you hours to compare between different websites and modes of transport, so book through Omio: they’ll do it for you in under two minutes flat!

This website works for all of Europe. 27 million people already book their travel tickets through this time-saving, and money-saving, website! The journeys they offer span 100 000 destinations (and they’re not done adding new ones yet). Whether you’re looking for a getaway from the city, or a weekend in a bubbling metropolis, if you want to get there cheap and fast, Omio is there to help you.

Omio works with over 800 transport partners, including some of the leading transport companies in Europe. This way, you’re sure to be selecting tickets and comparing prices and times from the best options available to you. They’re even accredited by National Rail, which shows that this is a legitimate website in terms of travel.

What’s more, their app makes travelling even easier! As you can imagine, you have access to all your bookings directly on the application, as well as trip reminders, travel offers and other updates if you subscribe to them. As they say on their website, travelling with them is easy as 1, 2, 3! But watch out, by the time you say “three”, you will probably find yourself in Amsterdam or Berlin already!

Because they know how international their clientele can be (who doesn’t want cheap and fast routes around Europe when coming to visit?), their customer service is available in 12 languages, and they vow to be there for you every step of the way. 12 languages! This shows how people from all over the world use and value this platform, so maybe, just maybe, it’s a great tool for those of us who like to travel.

All in all, Omio is a very well-known and used website, where regular travellers or novices can book the best, fastest, and cheapest routes, to wherever they want to go! How about you, where do you fit in? Explore their website and destinations to find out where you’re going next…

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Mark added on 29-06-2019 - Mark given for the referrer Lovetorefer : 10 / 10

Fantastic sponsor - he explained me in depth how to proceed with my subscription and how I would get the reward - I recommend that person

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