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Posted on 28-11-2022

ODDBOX - Fight Food Waste with a Delivery of Deliciously Odd Fruit & Veg. [only 99p for your 1st box] ODDBOX: Wonky Fruit & Veg | Deliciously Odd & Delivered to your door for only 99p for the 1st box. Reduce food waste and rescue wonky fruit and veg that's "too big" o ... Read more

Posted on 14-09-2022

Want to eat fresh and help fight food waste? With Oddbox you can rescue deliciously odd, fresh fruit and veg at risk of going to waste. Would you like £10 to spend on your first box? Just copy the link below and paste into your browser, and you will be given £10 o ... Read more

Posted on 13-09-2022

Get £10 off your first box! Fantastic way to save fruit and vegetables from the landfill be cause they're too small, wonky or even too big!  Small, medium or large? Fruit, veg or both? Once a week or every fortnight? There are seven boxes to choose from, depending on how ma ... Read more

Posted on 23-08-2022

Use the link to get £10 off your first box!  I have been receiving these every 2 weeks and the quality is far better than supermarkets. It's great for my little girl to try new foods too as well as helping with the food budget!  ... Read more

Posted on 05-06-2022

Have you heard of Oddbox?   They rescue Deliciously odd fruit & veg, fresh from the farm and deliver it to your door. You can use my link below to get £10 off your first fruit & veg box or veg box. You can get a smaller box for 99p with the discount.  ... Read more

Posted on 15-05-2022

Great value for money & great quality and amounts of fruit and veg! This is the best value for money food delivery box I’ve seen, and they are so generous with the amount of fruit and veg they put in the box. They also give you £10 off your first box when you sign up using a refer ... Read more

Posted on 15-05-2022

[£10 off your first box]   EAT GOOD.  DO GOOD. STAY ODD. Fill your belly and save the planet by rescuing fruit & veg straight from the farm, including the odd curvy cucumber. FIGHT FOOD WASTE WITH EVERY MOUTHFUL Food waste is a big issue. If it was a country, it&r ... Read more

Posted on 05-04-2022

You can get a box of fruit and veg delivered to your door for 99p if you choose the x-small veg and fruit box. I think it's a great deal :D This link is give you £10 off your first order. You can just use it and cancel the subscription after that.  ... Read more

Posted on 10-03-2022

£10 off your first box at oddbox, saving perfectly good food from going to waste with local vegetables and fruit being delivered straight to your door. "Oddbox began as a seedling in a market in Portugal. Our founders, Emilie and Deepak, were browsing the fresh, beautiful, sometimes fu ... Read more

Posted on 15-01-2022

Get £10 off your first box with my link! Once you've placed your order, I will get £10 off too.  Enter your email where prompted and receive your discount.  This offer can only be applied to veg boxes and fruit and veg boxes for ne ... Read more

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Oddbox is a way to reduce food waste and get some tasty veggies and fruits delivered straight to your doorstep.

Supermarkets are extremely strict when it comes to quantities and cosmetics of the fruits and vegetables that they sell. This means that a huge amount of food goes to waste every day, even though it is perfectly edible, just because it does not look quite right. Oddbox tries to make sure that less food goes to waste, while providing you with delicious vegetables delivered to your doorstep. Do you want to know how it works?

First off, you pick the right box for you. Your box can arrive every week, or every two weeks, as you prefer! You can choose between different sizes depending on how many mouths you have to feed at home. Then, the rest of the work is done by Oddbox.

They will speak with a number of farmers to find out which fruits and vegetables have been left out of supermarkets each week, and pack your box full of these delicious foods! This is exciting for you too, as you can end up discovering vegetables that you would not necessarily have picked up in the supermarket. What’s more, you are saving food from going to waste, and providing extra revenues for farmers who would otherwise have been unable to sell their surplus.

You can also pick between fruits and vegetables boxes, a box of fruit only, or a box of vegetables only, depending on your needs. They have excellent reviews on Trustpilot, which you can read on their website if you are curious to know what Oddbox’s customers enjoyed before you enjoyed! They also post the contents of their boxes every week, so you can take a peek for free and decide when to order your next box.

All in all, Oddbox is a good way to save some of the food that goes to waste every week all over the country. The vegetables and fruits that you will receive are just as good as the ones you will find in supermarkets, except they are cheap, delivered to your door, and may look a little different to what you are used to. Vegetables come in all shapes and sizes, just like people! Head to Oddbox’s website to find out more about the logic behind their company, and to start ordering. It’s simple and easy!

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