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Founded in 2013 by Darren Beale, the MUSCLE FOOD online british company, initially targeted the bodybuilding community with its high-proteins food and snacks, lean meats and sport supplements, extended to new european customers, including famous athletes and celebrities.

That's amazing but that's not all ! Since 2018, The UK company proposes a new «Do the unthinkable» programme to meet your expectations combining health and wellbeing.

Whatever your preference and your needs may be, you will find the most convenient among the following propositions :
? lean meats and cuts, gluten free, slimming approved, under 5% fat, seafood, various snacks, eggs and diary products and drinks
? various hampers,
? vegan products,
? a wide range of prepared meals,
? sport supplements

You may think «I can't afford it !» but you may benefit from special offer like 3 items for only £8 or from low prices concerning short-dated products.

Now is the time for you to feel comfortable ! MUSCLE FOOD proposes a new innovative programme combining needed food and convenient training. How is this programme organised ? According to your target, you may order weekly tasted meals (from breakfast to dinner including snacks) to be delivered and get an unlimited workout programme access and its free DVDs. Don't worry, your personal trainer and nutritionist is still there for you ! Still having some doubts about this programme ? Look at the customers comments on the company website !

Ready to start ? Once ordered, your items will be delivered 24 hours later in the most UK areas. Only a few places are submitted to extended delivery conditions.
For any questions, you may have a look at the common asked questions or contact the customer department by mail to get an answer 24 hours later.

Finally, to reward their loyal customers, MUSCLE FOOD has been settled a very interesting loyalty points programme. For every £1 you spend, you receive 1 loyalty point, when you review your favourite products, you receive 10 loyalty points for each one and for any new customer you refer, you receive 500 loyalty points. Later, you will use these points to get free products you may choose among 16 updated ones.

You wish to learn more about nutrition and the better way to build muscles, just read the information section and follow the MUSCLE FOOD news on the following social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

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