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Posted on 15-05-2022

Click GET A VOUCHER to get a free 30 day trial of Mubi. Mubi is a streaming service that showcases great cinema and documentaries from around the world. The current film selection includes: Shiva Baby, Bacurau  Petite Maman, First Cow, Volver, Tokyo Sonata, and many more - with a new film added ... Read more

Posted on 18-10-2020

Get a free month of Mubi by clicking on the link. You get acces to a huge libary of curated films. From new directors to award-winners. From everywhere on earth. Beautiful, interesting, incredible movies — a new one, every single day. ... Read more

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Are you ready to discover hundreds of films you would not have access to otherwise? Because that’s what you will get with Mubi!

Mubi is a mash-up between a cinema lover, a publisher, a curator, a streaming service…. It is the portal you need to enter the world of cinema, old and new! On this wonderful platform, you will find films from around the globe, that will most certainly expand your horizons. There are films on there that will surprise you, make you sad, make you laugh and make you an activist. You are almost certain of finding something you didn't even know you were looking for.

These films come from the hands of award-winning directors, as well as brand new names in the field. Either way, watching films on Mubi will help the world of cinema by giving importance to all the forgotten and yet to be discovered movies out there.

So, how does this platform work? Every day, a brand new film is picked to be the film of the day. Then, it will stay on Mubi for a month, a period during which you can watch it. The descriptions are well made and give you a hint of what the film is going to be about, without giving away too much at all. This, coupled with the well-chosen still that illustrates the cover of the film, gives you two elements to help you choose the right films for you.

If you run out of films to watch on Mubi, it probably means you have been glued to their platform every hour of every single day for weeks. In other words, there is so much interesting content on there that it is impossible to run out. What’s more, they have very interesting sections, such as special double features or entire retrospectives around a specific director, which will push you to discover even more works.

Mubi is more than just a streaming service, as you may have noticed. You can also discuss all the films you see on there, with other cinema lovers, old and new. This means that wherever you are in the world, you can connect with people who understand what you love about cinema. Of course, going to the cinema in real life is an experience that is unparalleled, but Mubi is a great way to see films, support directors, and do all this from anywhere you are in the world. Head to their website and sign up now! They even have preferential student prices…

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